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I recently had a horrible experience at Target. It started when I needed a new pair of shoes while traveling for work, so I went on the website and found there was a sale on shoes. I went into the store nearest our office in the heart of John’s Creek, GA and found some shoes that would work, but saw the sale did not apply to the shoes in the store (only online). I proceeded to go to the Target mobile site while in the store, and purchased two pairs of shoes, one of which was only available for pick up in store, and the other which had to be shipped to my house. Being in John’s Creek, I selected the store marked “John’s Creek”, and submitted the order.

I received a text about an hour later letting me know my shoes were ready to be picked up. After getting off work, I went back to Target and, after locating the customer service counter, went up to ask for help. Two associates were at the counter, Lynzea and Michelle, and neither one seemed to know what she was doing with the pick-up in store system. After fumbling with the iPad, they were unable to locate my order by name, and eventually had to look it up with the order number (good thing I had brought it with me). They called over another associate, Camilla, because they hadn’t seen any shoes in the pick-up area, and that associate seemed just as confused. Camilla told them someone would need to check the stock room, and then she left. At this point, Lynzea and Michelle started helping to check out customers who were waiting, and I was left alone for the next 20 minutes. On two occasions during that period, Michelle looked over and asked if someone was still helping me, to which I replied, “I have no idea.” She responded, “I’m sure they are…”, and went back to the register. Camilla returned after a while and asked if anyone had found my shoes, and after my reply in the negative, she said we would just go pull the shoes from the floor. We went to the shoe section and I grabbed the pair, then we went back to the customer service counter. Camilla attempted to check the shoes out, but it wouldn’t let her close out the order. She looked at the order again and asked me which Target I had sent the shoes to, and I responded the “John’s Creek” Target (which seemed reasonable as I was in the heart of John’s Creek). Her tone suddenly changed and she haughtily responded that I was not in the John’s Creek Target, and that was about 20 minutes away in the city of Suwanee, GA. I asked her if I could just change my order to the Target in which I stood, but she gave me attitude and said no, I would have to go to the other Target, or she would have to sell me the shoes at full price. I told her no, I would be cancelling my order, and left.

On my way back to the hotel, I called the customer service line to cancel my order. Once I reached a person, I told her my story and asked her to cancel the entire order. She told me she would cancel the purchase that would be shipped to my house, but that she couldn’t cancel the pick-up in store order. I asked her why, and she said that only I could do that, and I would have to go into the store and do it in person. I told her that wasn’t possible and that I just wanted to cancel the order. She told me she would transfer my call to the store, and I told her that was unacceptable and she would need to call the store, tell them to cancel it, and then come back and confirm the order had been cancelled. She put me on hold, and after about 10 minutes, comes back on the line to tell me that she couldn’t cancel the order and I would need to go to the store in person. I again tell her that isn’t possible, then that if this order is not cancelled, I will be calling my credit card company to report a fraudulent charge. She ignores that statement, and while starting to explain something else, she hung up on me.

I called the service line again, and reached “Jason” this time. After telling Jason I wanted to cancel my order, he asked for a minute to look up my order information. While pulling it up, Jason started to sing into the phone. Eventually, he pulls up my order and tells me that I would need to wait 30 minutes before I could cancel the order, and I should call again then. I ask him why, so he asks when I placed the order. I tell him around noon, and he says again that I will have to wait. I informed him that (at that point) noon was 7 hours ago, so why would I need to wait 30 more minutes. I then tell him that if this order is not cancelled, I will be calling my credit card company to report a fraudulent charge. He starts to say something, and then sends me back to the phone tree to start over.

I call the service line for a third time. A woman answers, and I again tell her my story, and tell her I just want to cancel my order. The woman looks up the order, and informs me that she cannot cancel the pickup order OR the delivery order. I tell her that I do not want the shoes and I do not have time, nor do I want to waste the gas, to return them in person. She tells me I can just refuse the order once the shipment arrives at my house, but I tell her that I work out of the house, so how would I tell them? She tells me to leave a sign on the door for the delivery person. I tell her I would rather just cancel it now, so she says she’ll put a note on the order, but that it probably won’t do any good. I tell her that if this order is not cancelled, I will be calling my credit card company to report a fraudulent charge, but she was unconcerned. She again tells me that she cannot cancel the order. I tell her that she cannot help me and that I intend to contact my credit card company, and we end the call.

Last week, I received a package in my mailbox sent via USPS for the shoes, and my credit card was charged. Even if I had been home, there is no way I could have refused a package delivered in this manner. At this point, I still don’t want the shoes, and I don’t want to have to waste my own gas to return them. I am extremely disappointed in Target as I have always considered them a step above Wal*Mart, but now I’ve come to realize the error in my thinking. If I wanted to be treated in this way, I might as well pay less for the items. Unless something changes, I have no intention of visiting Target again.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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a step above walmart a very low step!!!!!!!!!!!!with higher prices

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