My name is josephine and I'm so mad at the target site and their lack of security! I purchased an item online and the next day I get a call that someone used my number at a location in Illinois and I don't even live there..... I can't believe I trusted the internet to actually buy something only to find out that a hacker got my card number! Lack of security on this site you should secure differently so customers will like to use your site cuz honestly this is *** and I'm extremley mad over this!!!!!!


Pissed off customer....

Monetary Loss: $141.

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target continues to have this issue and hasn't resolve it. employees have been posting this all over the web they are completely aware that it is still happening


It could be a virus on your computer. I would check that if I were you.

Target, Walmart and other large companies often get hacked, but those hackers rarely get very far (only once in the past year or so has one actually been successful).

Chill out, call your bank and make sure your computer is not at fault.

Orlando, Florida, United States #834643

Or they could have used malware on your computer to steal the numbers as well. With key loggers, malware and a host of other ways for people to steal your credit card information it's pretty difficult to put the blame on just Target.

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