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Pharmacy absolutely refused to fill my prescriptions. Jacked me around for 2 weeks, lied repeatedly, was abusive and denigrating.

Told me to find another pharmacy, then refused to transfer my prescriptions. One is a controlled substance that I take for adhd, for past 20 years. Other is an anti-rejection that I have taken for over 10 years. Both are necessary to live and function.

I am visiting Florida. What is wrong with people here. I have never been so abused. No, I still do not have my meds- been without for over 2 weeks.

I am seriously ill, and 1700 miles from home. Target on SW 112 AV- do not go there! I have called their Corporate Office for help- what a joke!!!! They tell me to call my abusers.

I finally lost it on Friday, lost my temper after 2 weeks of no meds and incredible abuse. So now they are hold my rx hostage, so that I can't go anywhere else either. Apparently, when I attempted to go to Walgreens- they not only refused to transfer my rx, but cancelled it, and told them not to work with me.

I have never had an experience like this. Target should not be in the pharmacy business!

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Did you have your prescriptions transferred to Florida? I think there is some kind of routine that has to be followed if you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time, in order to have the prescriptions refilled where ever you are.

Now I will say this I have a 26 year old grandson who was on a controlled substance for ADHD for about 18 years and after he turned 21 we weaned him off them and he is doing fine.

Besides being diagnosed with ADHD he is also Autistic. I think there is something slightly wrong with your story.

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