I hate the Santa Ana, CA Target store. The people that work there act as though it is their personal store and all the money being made is for them. In other words, the place is staffed with imbeciles too dumb to realize that working for Target is not in any way a career! They refused to give me store credit for a brand new, never used purse with tags. Granted I had no receipt but the vast majority of places now will at least give one store credit for such items (i.e. brand new with tags still on). I am going through one of the most horrible times of my life and really needed some basic stuff (glue sticks, deodorant, soap, feminine stuff etc). I decided to check the place out even though they were jerks about the refund and found some clothes on sale I wanted to try on.

Now, at most Targets (in non 'ghetto') places don't have a crazy vigilante Nazi, esque Hispanic old rottweiler of a woman guarding the dressing room as though her life depended on it! But guess what? They had in good ol' Santee Anee? That ** treated me like *** because I had taken the size sticker off of one item as I wanted to see what it would look like without a bunch of crappy tags all over it. She informed me that that's not cool and proceeded to give me a lecture in a slow and painfully "I think you are ***' way. That is, she spoke to me as though I was a chimp trying to learn sign language.

After this, fiasco I tried to use the restroom three different times! Each time, they conveniently had some poor half wit kid blocking the door just standing there with a mop and not really doing anything. At first, I thought maybe he's getting ready to clean. But after going back and him being there each time just standing there and glaring at me and then the scrawny *** security guard came up to join him and ask me if I was doing all right, I realized it doesn't take too much to put two and two together and realize that Target was targeting me and it really has ticked me off!

The same security guard stood at the front exit, trying to stare me down the whole time I was checking out. He asked my bf and I for a receipt. My bf (who is a former security guard) just kept walking as he later told me that as nothing had beeped and security guards really have no jurisdiction over innocent people. The creepy security guard actually followed us out to the parking lot and used his cell phone to take pictures of our car! Target of Santa Ana, your employees suck the big one and shame your whole company as can be observed by recent actions of target corporation it really comes as no shock. However, if anyone from this *** mobile of a store is paying attention, cut the nonsense and stop your wannabe Pinkerton/FBI tactics against innocent people going through already horribly stressful times!

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Joan, could you help out with this matter? :eek
Thanks, doll, you're a peach. ;)
you never take the stickers off things before you buy them ( duh ) I think you are either a troll on the message boards or need help . If you came in store I might own and wanted money back without a receipt ( common practice of *** men and woman ) I would follow you also . stop :cry get a life

This is obviously a fake complaint - there is no way the OP could have a boyfriend, let alone friends.


So are you suggesting that the security guard has a sexual interest in her Bruce. How do you know it is her and not her boyfriend he had the interest in.


Only an imbecile would lose their receipt and blame the store. Are you too dumb to realize that it is your fault for being careless and not losing your receipt. One more thing you forgot to mention you probably already had $70 with purchases without a receipt. So because you did not get your way you call them jerks? Are you six or something to result to name calling because you did not get what you wanted.

I think you forgot to mention that you claimed your lost our receipt, you picked up the purse from the sales floor, told them you bought it and tried to get a refund. You are just ticked you could not get away with your scam. Poor you.

Your boyfriend worked as a security guard so he was obviously helping you steal and get away with it knowing how to get around getting caught. You are only pissed that your plan did not work as well as you hoped.


don't listen to this person. they're anonymous but they keep posting from Middletown, OH about Target. I'm already tired of their fake or possibly exaggerated stories.


Hmmm, sounds like you were doing a whole lot of sketchy things. I'd follow you too!


You must have felt excited - nobody has shown in interest in you like this in 30 years.

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