The Target is in Danville, Virginia. I have been going there a long time, and just had my first return.

I had my receipt, but they woulnd not refund my money. It was a blu ray dvd movie. I had no idea it would not work in a dvd player, but they said it was open. Well how do you know if it doesn't work if you don't open it.

They won't have to worry about that with me anymore. VERY BAD SEVICE Sign VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER.I guess us good honest people have to pay for the bad peoples doings in this very sad world,that we are trying to raise honest children in.I could get a dvd reg. movie in exchange, but I couldn't get my money back??????? That was Willie Wonka Choc.


They did not have them in dvd,so I had to pick a movie I didn't even want, needless to say I am not a happy camper. Thanks

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Columbus, Montana, United States #328986

Had the same issue concerning DVD and widescreen "letterbox". I actually asked 2 Target employees if it would work on my TV configuration.

They did not know... I then asked if I took it home and tried and it did not work that I could bring it back to Target. They said, "Yes, that would be fine." So, I did not get my money back.

But I got a store credit for the same amount. I was OK with that.



It's a copywrite law that does not allow for return or exchange when an item like that is opened. they weren't even supposed to give you another movie.

It clearly states it in the return policy, as well as underneath the item itself on your receipt. Again this is not what Target decides, it is a law.


It's because people burn them and return them..it's not a scam if they post their policy.


Same thing happened to me. I bought the PS3 version of Call of Duty and it wouldn't work in my Atari.

They wouldn't refund my money.

Total *** job.

Seriosly if you didn't know a blu ray disc wouldn't work in a DVD player, then get someone with an IQ of over 50 to go shopping with you. Stop blaming the store for your ignorance.

Kawkawlin, Michigan, United States #212290

The return policy is written on the receipt...Every retailer is the same way on that one lady. Calm down


Wtf... How did you not know that blu-ray does not work in regular dvd players?

Besides, its not target's fault. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO RETURN OPEN DVDs, CDs, AND VIDEOS!!!

They couldnt have returned it for you even if they wanted to! Get over yourself.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #206020

If the blu ray dvd did not work on my DVD player they should have told me when I bought it that it does not work and can't be returned open. HOw the *** am I to know if it will not work without opening it and it is BLU RAY DVD *** you got it wrong not me. because this happened i was so angry that i did not feel like cooking and my husband and children starved.


its a blu ray not a "blu ray DVD" blu rays will only play in DVD players, they won't return your money because there are people that buy amovies copy them then return them at no cost to themselves, its not targets fault that. its yours for not asking questions, if you asked anyone who knows anything about blu rays if they worked in a DVD player 100% of them would tell you they don't work, the reason they are called blu ray's is because the laser that reads the discs is actually on the blue light spectrum, while the laser used to read a DVD is red

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