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i got a texted at 11:55pm monday 17th and it woke me up and i try to get on the web site and it wasnt real. i feel that i should get a gift card from target becouse its false advartisement even tho its not targets fult but they should take the responsibilties for it.

or i will get ahlod of my lawyer for false advartisment.

plz contacted me at 8146883787 anytime address 321 jacob lane warren pa 16365 joshua stewart. contacted me asap i feel everyone that got a texted saying they won they should get something for there troubles.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Norfolk, Virginia, United States #627750

You are so dumb. Target had no part in said scam.

Some team members from the store I work at even got the text and team members don't even qualify for the survey prize.

Target does not contact you through text message for such a hefty prize. Get a life.

to gstrainer New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #628045

Beccaandjosh1 - you're not dumb. Not at all.

Go to gstrainer at Target in Norfolk, Virginia and apply for a job. They're training people how to get a life!

Cumming, Georgia, United States #622897

You are a ***. I do not know what lawyer would take this case.

Also nice of you to print you name and address as well as phone number on a public message board. Target is not responsible for all spam you receive.

Just delete it and get on with your life. No one will give you something for nothing.


If I was entitled to some sort of compensation every time I received a spam e-mail or text message from someone posing as a company, I'd be living in a mansion built out of flat screen televisions. (Primarily supplied by Best Buy.)

Warren, Michigan, United States #585681




Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #584869

You are an ***. That is all.



I hope this is a bogus posting!


You must be a ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Target had nothing to do with it. It was a scam. I can't believe people are still *** enough to fall for those.

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