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Never have enough cashiers if I wanted to be a cashier I would be a cashier I don’t want to scan my own items not my job higher extra help won’t shop there any time soon

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Why,you would just treat the newly hired human beings like *** anyways. You sound like a typical mouthbreather.

I can’t stand change so put it back the way I want it!! Life is about change and self checkout IS FASTER! So you expect the web to believe that YOU would rather stand in line for up to 20 minutes then scan your own items and get back to real life in five minutes? We can all tell what the REAL issue is.

You’re a self entitled individual who thinks they matter MORE then they REALLY DO! Self check out IS NOT GOING AWAY!! It’s more profitable for businesses and it’s faster for the customers. Deal with it or don’t its your choice.

But as another poster pointed out, soon you won’t have any place to shop as everyone is moving to self check out lanes. One employee managing six registers or six employees manning six registers. It’s basic math.

The cheaper the overhead (employees) the cheaper the prices will be over all. YOU are the problem and NOT the rest of the world.


When we replace people with machines, it means we get more money. Do you really expect us to hire people in this economy. I don't want to give up my private jet so someone can make minimum wage.


You can choose to wait in line or zip through a self checkout. I think the self checkouts are the best thing Target ever did as I hated waiting in line.

At some point you won't have anyplace to shop if you avoid stores with self check outs. Walmart, Home Depot, my local grocery stores all have them and in most cases it is the quickest way to pay and get on your way.


Your complaint is with their Corporate Headquarters since Corporate determines that payroll for every location. Target can attempt to hire extra help, but there has to be people who want to work as cashiers.

Stores like Target have a high turnover, and their Corporate Headquarters probably knows that. So What is Your solution to the high turnover?

to Anonymous #1612934

OP is gonna apply for the job I'm sure.

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