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at target on 8605 westheimer in houston i was told at checkout i had no choice but self checkout. i do not like self checkout.

i have limited use of one arm. i want the checker to scan the items, and bag for me and put in the cart. i have shopped at this store for years. when i asked about it i was told by mod that they use self check only unless they are busy.

that "this be like the modern way!" she instructed me so "you will know how!" i have never been in any kind of store that required me to use self checkout! apparently this is to free up employees to spend more time standing in front of the store to talk on their phones. there were more out there than in the store.

target must be a great place to work. they just lost this long time customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My friend said that he was in the Billings, Montana Greyhound bus Station men's Bathroom and that while he was brushing his teeth in the sink that an old lady walked in, stood there for a second looking at him, then shook her head and said "You can't tell the boys from the girls these days!" and then she proceed to go into one of the stalls to use the bathroom. All of those people having a fit about strange people using the restrooms should realize that everything is not always as it seems.

That man you see going into the ladies restroom that has you so pissed off, could just be a "Butch" looking lady. I have seen many of them that looked just like men.


I do hope you left your cart and contents and walked out of the store. And, don't go back.

Any store that does not have an adequate number of manned checkout lanes available and tells you to use the self-checkouts does not need my business, nor yours.

Not a good idea to shop at Target anyway unless you prefer using any bathroom you want on any particular day---especially one with little children of the opposite gender. Target seems to think that's a great idea and nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea.

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