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Update by user Apr 14, 2012

Resolved. I filed a dispute with PayPal a was refunded in full.

Original review posted by user Mar 13, 2012

I placed an order on for $433.68 on Feb 20th. I never received all of my shipment because one of the boxes was sent to the wrong address.

I contacted Target rep on 3/1/12 @ 2325 a was told that "You will receive a full refund, including shipping, in the form of the original payment" (This was recordered for quality purposes). Afterwards at 3/1/12 @ 2330 I received an email from Target that stated "Refunds will be creditied to the original form of payment within 7-14 days" (I can supply that email). NOWHERE on the email nor did the rep exclude PayPal. I made a financial decision based off of that email and the statements made by the rep (in other words I went into a Target store and purchased similar items).

It is my error that I took the statements of a Target Represenative and the statements within a Target email literally. I was a faithful Target shopper and quite upset that Target has not accepted responsibility for statements made by its phone Reps or emails.

I am expecting no more of Target than to refund the money for the undelivered items in the way stated "the original form of payment".

Monetary Loss: $160.

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Target very much could refund to PayPal if they wanted to. They choose not to as a trick to issue less refunds. People see PayPal and think "oh, that'll be easier" and then they find out later that they can't get an actual refund even though they paid with actual money.


Well them to give your money back and then tell them to *** off and you will no longer be a customer with them.


I gave them the correct address. Target acknowledged that.


Always use a credit card for online purchases. Not a debit card and most certainly not Paypal---too much risk---it is a prime target(no pun intended)for hackers as all the juveniles like to use it.

If, indeed, you can prove your case, wait a couple more weeks and if no action, sue them in small claims court.




It is not their fault if you gave the wrong address. Double check next time before submitting.


Target cannot credit a PayPal card. You will get your refund in the form of a gift card most likely.

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