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The recipient of my gift card went on line to check the balance at what appeared to be an official Target website. The gift card # was then stolen and used fraudulently.

I went in to the Manalapan, NJ store where I bought the card and the manager called the # on the back of the gift card. I received a case # but never heard back. I called them & they said because the recipient of the card didn't check the balance in the way she should have (by calling the # on the back of the card or the stated website), I would not receive my $75 back for the cost of the card. I called guest services and they said the same thing.

I emailed the CEO, Brian Cornell and I believe that email was forwarded to someone on the gift card leadership team who called me and said they wouldn't reimburse me. It is quite disheartening that a large corporation such as Target will not stand behind this.

Reason of review: Target doesn't stand behind fraudulent use of gift cards.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Website, Customer service sucks.

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This just happened to me and I understand your frustration. I used the target website as instructed on the gift card and it took me to a similar website that I assumed was for target because it looked just like it and my money was compromised when I called sutomer service they told me it was my fault and I should check my computer for virsuses .


People make mistakes, but Target should have taken necessary steps to safeguard their own store gift card. I always thought that Target was stand-up about going beyond the minimum level of customer service.

This poor customer service puts Target is the position of losing a customer that was loyal enough to buy a Target gift card, as opposed to a generic VISA or perhaps Walmart. I would expect more from Target.

to Anonymous #1497221

In your world what is to keep people from using the gift card and then claiming it was used fraudulently and expecting the store to replace it? In the real world there are plenty of people who would do just that. Why should stores be responsible for safeguarding their gift cards when consumers can't take responsibility for their own actions.


That's what the number on the back of the card is for---to check the balance and for customer service. Your gift recipient apparently did a search online and picked the first result showing without actually looking at the web address or paying attention to the search result.

It's not Target's problem. Happens often---people are too busy to actually read what the search results are.

to h.kitchener #1494121

I wish she had called the # on the back of the card BUT I would hope that after Target had that huge data breach 4 or 5 years ago, they would have a team monitoring fraudulent websites. They were able to quickly take down the website that my gift card recipient used.

Target is a huge corporation and they have teams for everything including a gift card leadership team. I am quite sure they have a phony website team.

to Anonymous #1495565

They may well have a team looking for fraud but it can't be stopped instantly. There is no reason target should be responsible for anyone putting valuable information (gift card number) on a web site they don't own.

It's not their fault the recipient of the card you gave them didn't follow the instructions on the back of the card.

Do you think their ban should be responsible if they sent their account information to someone that sent them an e-mail saying they had inherited millions of dollars from someone they never heard of? This is a case of someone not taking responsibility for their own actions, much different than a data breach.

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