After being a Target customer since it's inception, I bought loungewear and had the tickets on the bottom pants attached to the garmet. When I went to return the bottom pants - costing $14.99, I was told by the manager at the Huntington Branch, in New York that it was no longer on their system and that it was worth nothing!

I immediately called Human Relations who told me virtually the same verbage "that my garment was not in the system and therefore, it was worth nothing". This is an outrage and as such I immediately cut up my target credit card and refuse to ever go to any target ever again. I have also relayed this message to family and friends.

How embarrassing to be told this in front of other customers as well as on the phone. Shame on Target.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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My mother bought me a dress at the Target in her state and sent it with the receipt. I hated how it fit and went into my Target in California to return it.

They told me they didn't have it in the system and refused me a refund or even a store credit. I told them to keep the receipt and the dress and that I'd just quit shopping there.


Well anonymous what have you learned here? You need anger management classes, you are poor, you are eight years old, you can't make up your mind in a timely fashion, you must be embarrassed, and you are st*pid.

Target on the other hand is one stand up company. Got it?

you must have been so embarrassed to be called out on YOUR stupidity.....must have really needed that $14.99 :cry

the only way the item was "no longer in the system" if you bought it 1+ years ago, and are trying to return it now. i just have to laugh at everyone who thinks target's return policy is horrible..

they give you 3 months to decide if you like something. if you can't make up your mind within that 90 days, it's your own fault.


Did you have a receipt dated withing 90 days for the bottoms?


Their return policy is so ridiculous. I agree with you.

I am going to cut up my Target card, too. That place SUCKS!!

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