I ordered patio furniture from target.com, a 4 piece set and two rockers. One rocker was delivered in the wrong color. I called to have it replaced. The call center in India kept me on the phone for over an hour. Then I find out that they didn't order another rocker. They ordered another 4 piece set. So I had to call again. I was on the phone for another hour. They said they had it all cancelled and that I needed to hold for a manager. Another 1/2 hr later I still hadn't talk to anyone, so I hung up.

I ended up ordering a new rocker online and taking back the wrong one. However, I had delivery men calling me about picking up a package to be sent back to target, which was to be cancelled and wasn't. And a couple weeks later I received an email saying that another 4 piece set was going to be sent to me.

This time I asked to speak to a rep from the US. It took over a 1/2 hr to get through, but they resolved my problem in less than 5 minutes.

Target should reconsider their outsourcing. It is horrid!!! I will never order from target online again!!!

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