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Target located in Turkey Creek is by far the worst one. The employees are ***, the bathrooms are disgusting, and the cashiers are rude as ***.

NEVER EVER go THERE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Go to Wal-mart. As for the manager of Turkey Creek Target Garret I give him two years and he'll be shut down.

The whole fact that the people who do carts have better attitudes then those who don't is pathetic. I'm 57 years old and I've never seen a place so bad. I asked for the manager Garret one day and I waited over an hour. The bathroom smelt like mold.

And the mens in which my husband went into was even worst he took pictures and showed the managers there shook it off. TERRIBLE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Employees.

Preferred solution: To never go back and the place to be shut down .

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada #910554

Anonymous from Chicago, if I really were king anyone beating their child would be subject to the same treatment. Anyone sexually harassing a woman would be subjected to the same, only the other prisoners would gladly take care of them, order or no order.

The other prisoners do not tolerate child beaters and men who sexually harass women. Hey some of these people I would even have beheaded or sent to the Iron Maiden.

First Born Triplet
to King Alex #914372

Beheading gets them off easy, just send them to prison with the regular population, have them spend the rest of their time in jail, then when they are too weak and going to die anyway then send them to the iron maiden to be killed.


Why is it that some people think if you work retail, then you're nothing better than a piece of garbage?

First Born Triplet
to anonymous #910543

It is because the managers allow it. Worst I think is at Walmart.

The customer treats you like a piece of garbage. They complain to the manager the manager apologizes to them. There have even been cases where customers have sexually harassed employees and the manager takes the customers side so they do not lose the sale. Even if the manager does tell the customer to take a hike, they call the head quarters of the company and the head quarters of the company gives them a gift card to keep their business.

Why one customer even lied and said that an employee ignored her. The child was with her when the mother complained to the manager and told the manager that this was not true. The child simply thought that the mother did not hear. Unfortunately the mother was trying to get a gift card for rude service because the old manager used to give a $50 and act like the employees were in the wrong.

This new manager was not the same and told her that he did not think that that employee provided bad customer service. Because the child told the manager the mother employee was trying to help she did not get the gift card.

The mother then started hitting the child in the face because the child prevented her from getting the gift card. The manager called security and she was asked to leave the store.

to First Born Triplet Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada #910552

Wow in the case of the child the manager should have followed the mother out of the store, taken down her license plate number and called the police on her. I find nothing wrong with spanking a child for misbehaving but hitting the child in the face because you lost out of a chance to get a $50 gift card because the child told the truth.

If the mother can do this in public who knows how she treats him at home behind closed doors. Security themselves should have held her until the police arrived and showed the footage of her hitting her child. I am 16 and when I am a parent if my child misbehaves I will spank them. I would never hit them in the face.

Especially if the child did the right thing. Then again I would not lie and put someone in trouble at their place of work just for $50. It is called having morals. I would feel bad if someone lost their job because I lied and said that they were rude to me just so I can get a 50 gift card.

If I were manager of a store and a customer was lying or sexually harassing an employee I would tell them to get the f**k out, and if they acted all innocent I would say loudly that I am asking them to leave because they are sexually harassing an employee. Trust me even if they spend $1000 that day, (which they won't because average sale is probably $100 per person) I would not care because in the amount of time I am kicking that person out of the store I have six registers making $600. Funny thing is people say I spend $100 a week, or $400 a month, that is pennies to a store making thousands in a day. But guess these big stores like money better then having their employees treated with dignity and respect so they allow their employees to be verbally, physically and sexually abused by customer.

The typical response is you just flashed my cashier and made a sexual comment to her, and she told you to get lost. Sorry she was rude to you, here is a gift card of fifty dollars, please don't let this upset you come again and I will talk to her. It seems that the companies are standing behind abusive customers as you say that is why they treat the employees badly, they know if they complain they will get some incensitive to shop at the store again. Some like the mother lie, and keep getting gift cards.

However these people are costing the company rather giving money because chances are they spend money on a gift card, return the items and demand cash for them.

They don't get cash, the head office gives them another gift card and tells the manager to give them cash. Some even talk to home office while in the store and have them tell the manager right then and there to do what they want.

to King Alex Chicago, Illinois, United States #910553

Well said Alex, you should really be king and make that law. Yeah some of the employees can be rude, but most stores I have went to if you treat them with respect you get the same in return. I cannot believe some of these people would be allowed to break the law and get away with it so the company can keep their business.


Don't blame the employees for the bathrooms looking the way they do. Maybe if the CUSTOMERS wouldn't make a mess of the bathrooms, they wouldn't look that way.

Orange, California, United States #908412

"I'm 57 years old and I've never seen a place so bad"

Really, with your childish attitude I honestly thought you were six years old.


Strange... I usually find Target more pleasant than Walmart.

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