I ordered outdoor patio furniture (4 chairs with a firepit). Paid extra for the "white glove assembly" which includes...all furniture gets assembled upon delivery and the boxes and scraps get hauled off.

My delivery window was 8-12. The guy showed up at 11. Pointed at his van with two boxes. Said heres your two boxes please sign.

I said i cant sign for two boxes...wgats i side of them??? He had no idea. Pointed to the paper work and shrugged his shoulders. I had to walk onto the back of the truck and look for myself to make sute it was my order.

It was. So i told him to please bring them around the back (my side yard is small and convienent for him to daly the boxes back. He complained about how heavy the boxes were. Asked if he could drive through my yard to drop off in back.

I said no. Then he pleaded to go through my house with his daly and a 200 lb box. Again NO. He dropped the boxes off and wanted a signiture.

I clearly pointed to the paper work that said white glove assembly. He let out a sigh. Said hes not sure he had time. And told me i better grab a knife and start opening the boxes.

He put together one chair in 45 minutes knocked on my door and told me he was taking a break. I asked when he would be back he told me 1 p.m. he never came back. Therefore I spent the entire day on the phone with customer service trying to get someone back over to put my furniture together.

Cut to the next day where I'm still calling customer service and suddenly someone finally calls me back about coming over for my furniture. Here's how the phone call went down. The guy called me and said I heard we sent one of our Bone Heads over yesterday. I'm coming over personally to fix this you and I can have fun with it will make it a game and do it together.

I made him aware that I did pay for the service to get this put together by someone else and no I will not be participating and putting the furniture together with you. He then proceeded after he got here to try to get me to be a part of it again by scanning the directions on my phone so that he can have the YouTube video from my phone on how to put Furniture together. I said no and close the door. After about an hour and a half to two hours he knocks on the door and said I'm all done can you sign now.

I looked outside and all he had put together was the fire pit and there was a huge box with the rest of the chairs inside not put together. I pointed to the other box and said you still have three other chairs to put together. Lo and behold the job was finally done but not without a bunch of BS. I would have appreciated a call back from customer service asking me how the job ended up because I could have communicated to somebody that I still have two gigantic boxes the guy never hauled off which is part of tge white glove assembly.

I will now have to pay extra to get them taken away. I am completely disappointed and angry. I will never order furniture from target again. I would appreciate money back for the terrible service and lack there of from the delivery driverS.

They do not want to do their job. Unbelievable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target White Glove Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1349950

Nasty customer service on this one, I got to agree. Thanks for warning everyone. I never even knew they had this service.

Houston, Texas, United States #1349351

Did this happen on a weekday or on a weekend?

to Anonymous Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1349368


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