I tried to return 5 SD cards I had purchased around Christmas time. My receipt said I had until 3/8/12.

I was told I could not return the items because they were electronics and I only had 45 days to return them. It was 47 days when I went to return them, 2 days passed the date, and they still would not let me return them for the price I paid. I would have been fine with a merchandise credit. I call costumer service and was told over and over that it was policy and they would not do anything to help me.

To lose a good customer over policy is ridiculous.

I will not shop there again. Apparently policy is more important then costumer satisfaction.

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Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland #446265

OK, this one deserves a good answer (not for the retarded complaint - but for the issue) Call Target Cooperate. They have made an error.

The 45 days applies to computers, tablets etc.

Not to memory cards, TV's or many other things. Or go to Electronics and ask them nicely (not like a freakin' insane witch) to please check the Champions Bulletin regarding the change in return dates for "some" electronics items.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432658

Good point Tasha, but why should we have to add extra letters just to tell someone to xfuckx off.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432657

Okay never mind my last comment. You cannot say s h i t, but you can say *** you can't say ***, but you can say ***.

You can say these but not s t u p i d and i d i o t. But you can say retard and *** , you can't say a s s. You can say dumb, or dummy. But you can't say p e r vert.

You can say sex but you can't say having s e x. The censors are strange.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432656


Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432655

This is a strange site indeed. The word s t u p i d and i d i o t are not allowed but you are allowed to say ***.


Hey, just an update to my posting. Why are the word "***" and "*** off" blanked out?

The name of your site is "Pissed Consumer", so why is the same word unacceptable in my sentence? Also, no attacks were directed at anyone; they are directed at policies. This is not true of the earlier postings, whose authors questioned the intelligence of the original poster with comments such as "reading is hard" and "good riddance". All of the postings are individual opinions so why is there a need to censor words that are not swear words?

Please post my statement with the original words. Thank you.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432531

I bet your receipt also said that the deadline does not apply to electronics. I bet you "forgot" to read that part.

I bet your receipt also said that electronics can only be returned within 45 days. But unlike most people who post on this site at least you do know how to read.However it is apparent you do not understand what you read and you have the reading comprenhension skills of a nine year old.


Looks like the responders Simon, lol, and Anonymous are either employees of Target or think they are enforcers of the *** policies of Target for no particular reason. Target has a lot to learn about customer service with their returns policy.

Yes, Target stores will start losing business if they don't treat their customers right. Good customer service means being flexible and making the customer feel valued. I agree with the complainant.

Good luck to Target; they'll need it as more customers get pissed off with them and spend their thousands of dollars per year elsewhere. Is it really worth *** off customers over one purchase?


I know that reading is hard, but it really is a necessary skill. If something is stated on a receipt, then by purchasing and accepting the receipt, you are committing yourself to a contract and admitting that you have accepted the terms and conditions.


If you cant take back the items in the 45 days that is stated ALL OVER THE RECEIPT. Then you deserve to not get your money back.

Your not special, and not going to recieve any special treatment.

Good riddance, i'm sure everyone at Target will miss you.


45 days is plenty of time to return an electronic item. Where will you shop now that has a return policy of longer than 45 days for electronics? You should just give up shopping altogether if 45 days isn't long enough for you.


why did you wait so long to return them? signs are posted all over electronics with the new return policy of 45 days.

the team member ringing you out should have reminded you, but you could have also asked them or at guest services on the return policy. If they break policy for you, they have to do it for everyone else - you do not deserve special treatment.

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