I bought a marked down shoe at target on 9/02/13 for$18. On 9/05/13, my sisters &I went back there to do some shopping & so we stopped by the shoe section.

I tried looking for the shoe that I bought to see if they marked it down any lower & surprisingly they did! When my sister &I was ringing up, I asked the old Guy to see what's their policy about price matching & he told us too go to the customer service to go ask them. After he was done ringing us up, we went over & asked the African lady & she had to ask an Asian Guy to see if they could do the price match & he said yes but for us to bring in the shoe with the receipt tomorrow & they can do it for us. The African lady's name was Pam!

The next day my sister &I went back there with the shoe & the receipt waiting in line cause Pam was helping another African lady out. Pam was talking so nice to her but when it came to us she was the total opposite! I explained the situation again to her cause she acted *** like she didn't remember what she told us yesterday & she denied that she didn't say it & they couldn't do it! The so called store manager was next to her too & she asked the manager & she said no they couldn't do price match!

I asked her can I refund it & buy it again? Guess what her response was, no! So I got irritated & asked can I just refund it & she said yes! I'm like dude that's basically the same thing!

Target seriously need to improve their dumb customer service or else ain't nobody going to their store anymore. I was a loyal customer but after this incident, I won't be shopping at target anymore! What stores let you return sales items but won't let you repurchase it?

I'm going to contact the district manager & make sure actions are done to this target on shingle creek in Brooklyn center!!!!! I repeat, I will no longer shop at target!

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Julie, n iggers aren't weird, it's the piece of s hit s pics that are ruining this country. Just sayin.

to Lily #722978
HA HA HA! :grin
Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #720006

one shoe?


Sure they price match. That would be matching a competitors price.

What you should have asked is if they do price adjustments on previous purchases. If you had asked the proper question they would have said no. Why would they refund the difference between a pair of shoes purchased in season and a clearance price?

The reduced price is to move remaining inventory at the end of the season or when styles change. If you want to pay clearance prices wait till the end of the season.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #713359

First of all, no one believes you will never shop at Target again so stop trying to convince us of that gem. Second, your immature writing and insistence on categorizing the people you spoke to is a good way to ensure that NO ONE will take you seriously at all. So congrats, you just posted a poorly written, racist, complaint for no reason.


N iggers are weird. F uck Target!

to Julie Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #713360

Dear Julie, karma is a *** and I sincerely hope it comes to you in the form of a lightening strike. love, me

to sessa #713540

Sessa, before you judge someone else, you should judge your own education and spelling. It's spelled lightning not lightening. That was rude to wish on someone too.

to sessa #713876

Who the motherf ucking h ell cares? Learn to spell and this a free country and I can say whatever the f uck I want! Thanks!

Wentworth, South Dakota, United States #713331

Couldn't you have referred to the cashier as the cashier instead of the old Guy? Price matching means that you have found the same item for a lower price at a different store.

The way you have the word "to" spelled(too), means also. The lady at customer service wasn't an African lady, she might have been what is referred to as African American. If she had been plain African you would be complaining about not being able to understand her. Why do you keep capitalizing "Guy?" Do you honestly expect somebody working in customer service to remember that they spoke with WONDERFUL, PERFECT you, on the day before?

Consider all the people she has dealt with between the times you were there. Of course YOU can't refund it, you can return it and get a refund, but you can't refund it. The lady working customer service is not a "dude." What kind of actions do you want taken against that Target, and how do you plan on making sure they get done. IF you had been using the BRAIN that the good Lord gave you, you would have known that you could return the previously purchased shoes, and got the refund and then went back to the shoe department and bought the other pair.

I'm sure Target won't miss your business. Also did you only buy one shoe, instead of a pair?

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