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I'm a huge fan of Target. Love their stores and products. Well, not anymore.

I recently put $50.00 on a Pre Paid Red Card. I bought about $20.00 worth of stuff as well as the 50. I was going to pay the $50 with my debit card and the other amount with the red card. The cashier couldn't figure out how to do that,and wouldn't cancel my transaction and start over. So, I had to pay for it all on my debit card. Then, we found the red card wasn't even working correctly so I was told to call the number on the back of the red card. I went home, called, and was told the card was not activated so I needed to go back in and try getting a refund or have the customer service reactivate my card. After going in and talking to the worst supervisor Kevin, I found out there's nothing THEY could do. No refund, no in store credit, gift card. Nothing. However, I did get some "apology coupons" $12 dollars worth. If he would have given me $50 in them, I would have been happy. Kevin didn't know anything about the card. Treated me like I was the one who messed up, and was just pretty useless. So, I was supposed to call the red card customer service again and see what they could do. After calling AGAIN, I was told the card was defective, and Target COULD give me a new card. So I go back to Target. Once again I'm told there's nothing they can do. Here comes Kevin again and all he can say is about the card is "I don't know what's wrong and there's nothing we can do." The cashier that was there was trying to come up with something at least! She told me to call the red card customer service again and see if Target was to give me a new card, they could transfer over my money. Well, this time I was told the information that I put in the POS machine when first getting and paying the card, didn't go in correctly. So I needed to call back the next day, get transfered to a different person who could fix my information. SO, I call back the next day and am told that they can't connect me to the other people, that I was mistold the wrong info, and I now have to fax my information to them. By now I'm entirely frustrated and really just want my $50 back. It's not that big of an amount!!

SO, I decide to call cooperate and see if they can do anything for me, or at least let them know the supervisor was horrible. They take my story, say there's nothing they can do and don't even take Kevin's name. Good job! I tried calling into district manager and was told I can't talk to him. So I ended up talking into another manager at Target and was able to tell him about Kevin. This manager told me to go check my bank account again. So I do. I find they took the $70 something dollars out, plus $50 and later returned $50. I still need another $50 back!

All I can say is this was the worst experience I've ever had and I will NOT BE GOING BACK.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Prices, Merchandise.

I didn't like: Customer service, Rude manager, Management.

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