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Purchased a twin bed on 1/22/2012.?..package arrived 1/30/2011 at door step and package was no where what I ordered. I ordered a bed and got a table.

Contacted Target at 1-800-591-3869 told by Representative that I had to reorder product and repay and that they would reimburse the the original fees in 7-10 business days. I would also have to wait 7-10 business days for the next order to arrive. So that will be 7-10 more business days I will have to wait for an item I have already waited 8 days another 3 days for RMA. What a bunch of ***.

They make a mistake I pay for it. Oh they did offer a 10 gift I ordered item again was told to call back in 1hr for target to honor original price because price had gone up. Called by was told refund had to be in form of gift card because item paid for through paypal ask to cancel order was told could not because it was over an hour.

So I had to accept gift card.

Because of a mistake by Target and their shipping I have had nothing short of the worst experience in my entire online shopping. I will not be shopping with Target in the future....really horrible experience

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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I just hada horrible experiece like this with them...ill never shop there again. I feel your aggravation!


Now thats funny.


Poor customer service, poor attitude, honest mistake on their part so why do I pay in time and money. A 10 dollar gift card you gotta be kidding.

I gave that to someone that needed it. I don't. Boo Hoo and Ben you two are about as wise as a bag of chips. I gave you a little info and you think you know the whole.

Try reading some of the other Target complaints and then ask yourselves how many honest mistakes are they allowed to make. When you get ran over by that bus, will just call it an honest mistake on the drivers part and let it pass...suck eggs dudes


If you're as poor as you claim then you should be thrilled with the ten dollar gift card. What, exactly, do you expect? It was an honest mistake that they are rectifying.


YEs a bed for my granddaughter....headboard and frame...Yes I'm poor...I'm not in the 1%...not a gold bed to sleep in or a silver spoon in my mouth


You ordered a bed from Target.... Sir, your poor is showing!

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