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I am absolutely disgusted by the extremely poor and unsatisfactory "customer service" I have received through Target. After having no issues through our wedding registry, my husband and I have had a nightmare experience with our baby registry.

After registering with Target, we were told that when any item was discontinued or was put on clearance, we would be notified via our registry or email. While doing some shopping in stores, we noticed that our pack 'n play, travel system, high chair and swing were all on clearance. Luckily, we had already received our travel system and swing, but the pack 'n play and high chair were no longer available in stores. I (8 months pregnant) then called my local store to ask why we were not notified.

I was told that it is not protocol to notify customers if items on their registry become unavailable. I explained to her that the employees working to set up registries need to be better informed of their protocol. I then asked for the number to customer service so I could talk to them about the situation. After sitting on hold and being transferred to 2 different "customer service" reps, neither or which spoke understandable English, I was transferred to someone I could slightly understand.

Just as a reminder, I am 8 months pregnant and extremely stressed at this point. I was told by a rep that the reason I did not receive any notification was because their registry system has had a glitch for over a month. The "glitch" did not allow for us to be notified. I responded by saying that because there been a "glitch" in your system, I, the customer, is being punished by having to pay higher prices to purchase the items online, where they were currently still available.

I then mentioned that it would be extremely helpful and would help me view the company better, if they would ship the 2 items to the store so I can purchase them for the current clearance price, which was $30 cheaper for each item. I was told that this could not happen because Target stores and are two completely separate entities. I laughed at this and explained that it was absolutely ridiculous to even state that. I got angry after being told that I had to buy it online, and hung up the phone.

This was Day #1 of dealing with them. On to Day #2. After finally finding a location nearby that carried the high chair, I purchased it for the discounted price. (Now, I had to contact the stores, because customer service at my local St.

Peters, MO store told me that they had no way of checking stores and that I needed to look up phone numbers and call the stores. This was shocking to me, as I am used to stores bending over backwards to help.) Anyways, on to Day #2. After purchasing my highchair at the Chesterfield, MO store, I asked about when I would be receiving my 10% discount coupon for closing out my registry. No one at the store, at 6:00 pm could answer my question.

I was told I could call and talk to customer service about it. Umm, no thank you. I left, after I had a worker ask if I needed help carrying the high chair out to my car. When I responded yes, as I'm 8 months pregnant and shouldn't be lifting large items, the worker then rolled his eyes at me because I needed help.

RUDE!!! After leaving, I popped in to a Target on my way home, and after asking multiple people about the registry completion coupon, I finally convinced someone to call and talk to someone in the gift registry department. I was told that the coupon had been sent out on that day, and I would be receiving it in the mail shortly. I was happy to finally have an answer to this one question.

Later on during Day #2, my husband called to talk to customer service about the pack 'n play and to try and come up with a resolution about us having to pay more for a pack 'n play that we were never notified was being discontinued and was unavailable in stores. After talking to multiple customer service reps, 2 managers, and then a senior manager, he was told that their registry system has not had a glitch (yep, we love being lied to) and that she was sorry for us not being notified of the items being discontinued in stores. After explaining to her that we would like to buy the pack 'n play for the current in store price, we were told that is not possible since Target and are not the same store (Seriously?!?!). After arguing that as a customer, it is not fair to be punished by paying a higher price because it is discontinued in stores and not online.

She finally agreed to mailing us a $20 gift card to use toward the pack 'n play when we purchased it online. Story over, nope. This evening, which is 6 days after I was told we'd be receiving our completion code, I decided to look online to see if the pack 'n play is still available. Well, guess what?!

It's not available online anymore. When my husband talked to them 6 days ago, there was no mention that this item would be unavailable online. If we had been told that it would soon be unavailable, we would have purchased it at that time. Anyways, my husband continued to talk to talk to customer service, and was told that the registry completion was processed on July 2nd, but that it takes 4 weeks for it to become active and for me to receive it.

Mind you, our baby will be here in about 5 weeks. So my husband and I are supposed to close out our registry with the 10% coupon, the few days before the baby arrives. And this is if he doesn't come early. Many of the items left are large, important items, such as a pack 'n play, breast pump, bottles, etc.

that would be great to have 10% off of. Now my poor husband has been on the phone with Target "customer service" for almost 2 hours. During this time, he has been lied to by multiple customer service reps. An example of lies were the customer service reps saying that customer service managers are off during the weekend and another one saying that all the managers were on their breaks at this time.

After telling the customer service rep, Seth, that stating the managers were off or on break was a complete and utter lie, he was transferred to a senior manager named Michelle. After talking to Michelle, he was treated with even more disrespect. He was hung up on by Michelle after he asked to speak to another manager who could offer him a better resolution than a $25 gift card, and NO registry completion code that could be used in less than 4 weeks. He called back after being hung up on, and talked to another manager who also came up with no resolution.

He is currently being told that a corporate manager will not be able to contact him because it is not company protocol. But I guess it is company protocol to hang up on customers, transfer them to representatives that don't speak English that can be easily understood, lie to customers, and not offer any kind of good resolution. Mind you, not one time was my husband hostile, or did he use any inappropriate language, but he was still treated with extreme disrespect. Target has the worst customer service we have ever experienced.

After this experience, and after the thousands of dollars we have spent at Target on baby items, household items, and Christmas presents, we will not be shopping there anymore. My husband and I are deeply disgusted with the kind of "customer service" we received in stores and over the phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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and you think anyone really gives a *** about you anonymous..? ooookay then, creep.

:cry :cry :cry A word of advice...quit riding your broom stick into stores when you shop. You are a real pain in the butt.

This is a gift registry. If they are out of an item people looking for a gift will pick something else.

If you get so stressed out about the gifts you might get I really fell sorry for the kind of children you will raise. :cry :cry :cry

You know what, you are pregnant, If you are going to be stressed out because of a comment someone posted here than perhaps you should not be posting online. Also if they offered you $25 and you think that is not good enough you indicate that you are financially unstable. So how much did you want from them?

So, Jedi. :sigh
All you all sad because (notice how I didn't type 'cause?) no one is buying your cr@p. :cry :cry
Keep it up, a$$. :p
One day, you're going to make one too many false accusations, then you will truly get what you deserve for all the sh_it you post on these sites! :grin :p :grin

Jedi Knight Ethan . .

. Just for your reference, I, who wrote the post, am very financially ready to have children. I am a teacher with a master's degree in education and my husband is an accountant. I do not need Target to be financially responsible for my child.

My husband and I chose to have a child after we purchased a nice home and got married. If you are going to blast me and make rude statements, I suggest you don't jump to conclusions.

Jedi - for a "THIRTEEN YEAR OLD CHILD", you sure know a lot about parenting and finances in marriages!! :upset
Why don't you direct the OP to the polite ten year old child from Canada as a model for raising her children? :( :grin

Basically this is a person who cannot afford to have children so they were kind enough to give her a $25 gift card, but because she did not do what we call planned parenthood she wants more. Basically she wants Target to be financially responsible for her child. At least this one had a husband, a dead beat one but at least he is in the picture.


I'm gonna assume that this LONGGGGGG comment isn't worth reading. but wait for Anonymous to copy and paste one of his/her weird comments here.


If you cannot handle this much stress, good luck with parenthood.

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