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After making 3 large purchases the company decided to offer a credit card with 10% off. I asked if my other recent purchases totaling about $2000 could be added considering I wasn\'t offered at those times just days before.

They said yes and bring back the receipts. When I brought them back, making an additional trip, they said that they could not give the ten percent off! I was angry that they had misinformed me and didn\'t offer me the promotional discount at my first big purchase. After speaking with supervisors and getting no resolution or compensation for all of my aggravation, except that the employees of Haverhill Target will be \"trained better\"...

My family and I will no longer be shopping at any Target stores! I will also do my best using blogs, facebook and myspace as a means of letting anyone and everyone I know, know how much of an unfair company you are and how you treat your customers. A large company should be trying to help and keep its consumers and you have shown nothing but aggravation. The customer is always right, but obviously your company didn\'t learn that in business 101.

Another thing you might want to take into consideration is the power of word of mouth! You can spend millions in advertising, but what it comes down to is the opinions of your consumers right down to the little guy.

Compensation would have been about $200, but rather I assure you, you will miss out on at the very least 100 times that amount in business. It could have so easily gone the other way.

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Here is the thing to remember about Target. They don't care about you.

Read these forums and see how many Target employees say they don't want you shopping at their store. The best you can hope for is that they are not outright hostile.

One by one customers will come to see that Target does not respect them. Then who knows.


Right.... I don't think you should be telling people to "shut up", considering you are commenting on issues that people come to voice their oppinions!!


a low volume (small) target alone averages 60 -80 k or more a day ... you're seriously not hurting them that much.

and as for the credit card... there are huge posters near the front of the store that talk about the 10% off, the 5% that can go to local schools... blah blah blah... and for the cashiers... the usually only ask guests if they'd like to apply if they're PROMPTED on the register at the time of purchase... otherwise if they get a sting (a fake guest)... and ask if they'd like a card w/o a prompt they might actually get into trouble.

so shut up, and don't blame them. if you really shopped at target that much, you should have realized by now.


I bet you are hard to satisfy in a bunch of other

I think the op can cost Target $20,000. I pay attention to what I spend.

If I stopped shopping Target it would only take 5 years at the most to make them loose that amount. Some people Love to shop lol :)

I don't know any company that would give you % off on a previous purchase, so why did you think that information was correct? You have to remember that you are dealing with part-time employees at the check-outs.

(and before you complain about that; who would want that job full time?) Anyone who has ever believed in or who has had the gall to say that b.s. "the customer is always right" usually is a person who can't take responsibility for their own actions, think the rules don't apply to them, and blames others for their problems.

Oh, and about your first sentence; the register doesn't recognize your face and know the purchases you made in the past. You have a legit complaint but your own comments make you unsympathetic.


Oh, sorry, mistake of a zero there. Either way, the OP is thinking way to highly of themselves to think they can cost Target that much.


It's a loss of 20,000 ***! ... and I am *** special!


You must think an awful lot of yourself to think that your word of mouth will cause a loss of $200,000!

Perhaps you didn't make yourself clear when specifying earlier purchases, during the same day yes, previous days no. Signing up for a red card is available to everyone, everyday with the 10% off, they didn't offer because of multiple large purchases, so dont think you're that special...

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