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I ordered gymnastic shoes for my daughter on 12/5/2015.They advertise 5 day free shipping.

Here we are on 12/17/2015 and no product. I called customer service on 12/16/2015 to find out where my order is.

It took 30 minutes for them to answer the phone and when I finally got them on the phone they told me they don't know where the order is, can't track it or give any kind of explanation as to where it might be.The advise I received from customer service was, "you need to wait two more days." I sincerely doubt it will show up tomorrow but who knows.

Anyways it has a week since I posted this and I am updating this. It is December 23rd and I still have not gotten the gymnastic shoes. My daughter and I agreed that this would be her Christmas gift. Last year my daughter did not like the Christmas gift that I got for her and told me that daddy got her a better Christmas gift for her. We are divorced and it hurt to hear my 12 year old daughter make that comment. I asked her what she wanted this year and she told me gymnastic shoes. Now I just told my daughter that she may not be getting her gymnastic shoes because Target screwed up. She then started yelling at me saying it is all my fault for ordering at the last minute. I told her that she would get them after Christmas, she said that is not good enough and that I ruined Christmas. She was even upset that I did not get her what she wanted for her 13th birthday and said daddy got her a better gift. So because of their screw up my daughter is yelling at me because she won't be getting her Christmas gift until after Christmas and says I should get her something else and make sure it is something she likes or daddy is the better parent. Target is causing tension between me and my 13 year old daughter because they messed up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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