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WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Behind all the pretty ads is a low class, company that will never help you.

I ordered a clock, got the wrong item. Returned it, reordered it, got the same WRONG item. When I complained they told me that I had to wait one week and reorder again. I waited a week, and ordered, and again, got the WRONG item.

Three times in a row I got the wrong item, asked them to fix it, and every time I got someone with a thick accent that was RUDE and could not help me. They hire cheap customer service, that cannot look into ANYTHING for you. They just give you a reference number and expect you to be happy with that.

NEVER solved the problem. BUYER BEWARE, unless you want to go through an experience like mine.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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The people at Target will NOT help you. If you do manage to get this problem fixed, it will be a miracle and a fluke.

Their customer service is a joke and all they care about is keeping the money they have taken from you. I do hope you have had a resolution to this problem, but don't hold out much hope for you. Something I have learned at the money hungry hands of Target: Don't ever shop there.

I suggest that you strongly consider shopping elsewhere. I have never heard of another store doing this to people.

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