A few weeks ago we were at Target in McKinney off of 75 and 380. My husband was in a seasonal isle and there were outside chairs clearance and all the colors were different prices but also the same colors had different prices. – Problem # 1 So my husband asked a passing by employee (who didn't want to stop to help – Problem # 2) how much the chairs were since they were all listed at a different price. She passed by and said they are ALL at the lowest price. So we got 3 chairs, different colors. Went to check out. And they rang up 3 different prices. My husband said to the cashier, The girl back there said they were all at the lowest price. The difference for all 3 chairs would have totaled a difference of $6.23 for all 3 chairs, that Target would have lost to just correct the price and move on but he didn't. He said he would have to call the manager. – Problem # 3 I shopped at Target 3 to 5 times a week and have heard the cashiers when they are training and know that if it is within a few dollars they can just fix the price, according to the trainer while they were checking me out a few months ago.

So the manager was called and she scanned the items with a different machine and told us the same exact prices that the register rang up and she told my husband, those are the prices. My husband says, I understand what they are ringing up but one of your employees who didn't have time to talk to me told me they were all the lowest price. She argued with my husband back and forth. – Problem # 3 I had never seen her before and was shocked that she was holding that price and arguing with a customer over $6.23. Like I said I used to go to Target and even would encourage other customer skeptical about getting a red card at least a hand full of times…. So I was SHOCKED.

When we got to the car and my husband was upset with the situation and how much I spend there. I told him, if you would have talked to Tamika, she would have did the right thing. She has always been friendly in every situation and is a great manager. SO I THOUGHT!

So he call her while we were in the parking lot and spoke to her. She seemed very understanding and even agreed with him on several of his points but when he went back into the store to talk to her. She said the same exact thing that the first manager did, verbatim. As if she went and got what she needed to say from the other manager first. I was truly disappointed in Target and in Tamika since I had always had a good experience with her. – Problem #4

My husband called the next day to talk to another manager and he said – sorry sir they followed protocol –Problem # 5 and my husband requested the district managers name and number.

He called her and left a message – twice and NEVER HEARD BACK! – Problem #6

I would love to give you my Red Card number so you could see how much I shopped there but I don't want to put that on the computer… but I haven't been back at all because this left such a bad taste in my mouth and my heart. I have made myself change habits of where to go for my every day and grocery needs. All that is left to switch is the pharmacy needs. I was so sad and disappointed in how we were treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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I understand exactly how you feel. I regard my last experience at Target as the single most terrible shopping trip I have ever experienced.

It hasn't gotten past me and probably most readers that $6.23 isn't the basis of your complaint with Target. It is clear that the entire trip was a bitter disappointment to you and your husband, and I don't blame you for your decision to leave Target even though you depended on shopping there in the past.
My happiest statement regarding Target is that my last shopping experience with them was just that - my last.

It also gratifies me to learn that others have come to the same conclusion and warn their families, friends and acquaintences to beware of Target and the abuse that ultimately comes as a result of dealing with them. 8)

Wow. I can't believe you or Target would argue that hard over $6.23, let alone want to call the district manager.

You need to learn how to let things go. You aren't the first person in the world to receive incorrect information from an employee. Either purchase the chairs for the price that they rang up, or don't. Life is too short to get yourself all worked up over something so minor.

And quit saying you're such a great customer. If something this minor makes you want to switch stores, you will never find a store you can be loyal to.


Yes, it was bad customer service to get different answers to the same question about the price... but don't be too shocked that they were arguing over $6.23. It's the same $6.23 that you were arguing over, after all.

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