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12-8-08 about 3pm in Lake Charles, La. I went in to exchange a broken light.

I stood in line while one employed stayed on the phone about 10 minutes another employee had her back to us throwing merchandise in a buggy. I saw a manager come out of the back and I thought finally we would get waited on. No such luck. He stood talking to two women employees and they were not discussing helping us.


Target quit making your cutesy comercials and invest in some customer service training. We know where you are.

Give us better service!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #49139

The person writing this letter is an ***. Just look at how this *** spelled.

"ignored." *** Neither Brett or I have jobs. Brett's father gives him all the money he needs and he shares it with me so we don't need jobs. You are just jealous because you have to work for your money when Brett's father gives it to him just for being Brett. Anyways since you are going into another store I won't go to those stores.

I will do all my business at Target because I don't have to run into a psycho such as yourself. You *** *** that can't even spell. You make fun of other people's spelling and you can't even spell yourself. ***.

Sorry to those working at Wal-mart and Kmart. I will not be going into store incase I run into this psycho that wrote the letter. Someone who listens in on proper converstations.

Some nutcase who can't spell, words like "ignore" and "commercial" and ""employee" Somoene who probably got fired from Target because she stole money.

Also the other person can complain to BBB all they want but they won't get fired just because he won't date you. I bet that is the real reason you want him gone he turned down your sexual advantages because he is not ***.

Help You Find Something?

Serving the public is an art, it's not for everyone. While you had a bad experience you don't give me the impression you have empathy for the Target team members.

Why not fill out an application? If you pass the background check, the narcotics screening, and the aptitude test (to match you to a suitable task within the store) you can enroll in training.

You will need to swallow your pride, check your ego at the door, and greet the next person you see with a smile and a friendly salutation.



It's interesting how people can call someone an ***. Especially when the person that's is calling people names can't spell.

Who is the ***?

The" we" was the 10 people that was lined up behind me after 10 minutes of waiting. The manager was talking about what they were going to do for Christmas. If I igored my customers like they did all of the people in line I would be reprimanded and if I continued giving the same service they would let me go. Believe me they knew and they just didn't care.

You must work at Target sorry if I offended you. But I'll go to another store thank you.


I can not stand Target and will never go back to that place. The people that they are higher a little punk kids who take this jobe because mommy and daddy tell them they need one.

I just had a problem with this *** at Target who should be fired. He was rude and very sarcastic! I tried very hard to be nice to this guy, but he had no respect and I am sorry but I have no tolerance for that.

I have complained to the BBB and the corp office. I will keep complaining until this punk gets fired!!!!

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #48628

Jason is right, they don't help *** people. People have different jobs, some work in returns, some in departments some in cash.

You need to learn to be more patient. Perhaps you were sick on the days in kindergarten when they taught you to be patient and perhaps when they were teaching logic you were sick as well. Not all people are trained to do returns. Also speak up *** or don't get the help you need.(from the letter it sounds like you need psychological help more than customer service.) Like I said they don't help *** people.

Also how do you know what the manager was talking about. Did you ease drop in the conversation.

I guess you missed the respecting people's privacy in kindergarten as well. Tell me how did you even pass kindergarten?

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48584

Well sweatheart they can't read your mind, perhaps if you said excuse me can I get some help they would have helped you. What are you some kind of mute that you could not use your mouth and ask for help, or are you some *** that had food shoved in your mouth therefor you could not talk.

***. Perhaps the manager was talking to his employees about the self centered *** waiting in line and not saying anything, they probably thought you were some sort of retard just standing there and not saying anything. Also you said in the letter that you not "we" went to Target, but later on you said you saw a manager and thought "we" would get help, who is this "we" all of a sudden, were you talking about your imaginary friend.

If so were you talking to your imaginary friend. If this is the case perhaps they did not help you because they thought you were talking in your hands free phone and did not want to disturb you.

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