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I am here not to complain about my shopping experience with target, but how the company fails to give time off to the employees for holidays. I understand there is money to be made but also you have individuals out here dying of cancer not knowing when their last day is not being able to spend the last possible holidays with the loved ones because they are to busy making money for they probably won’t even see on the next paycheck but they bent over backwards for Target. They don’t live to work, they work to live and Target will never give the recognition to the employees that they deserve.....I hope one day Target comes to its senses and not turn into WalMart, I also hope I can see my loved one for the holidays one last time before my time is up on this earth.

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They should give employees working on christmas a one thousand dollar bonus. Plus a free family sized christmas meal with all of the trimmings,l plus quadruple overtime pay.


Maybe you should just be grateful that you don't have a job working at McDonalds. They get off for christmas, but would you really rather work there. Maybe you could negotiate with your boss to pay you quadruple time for working on Christmas.


Resign, you should be embarrassed writing this


When you work retail, you work holidays. That's how it works.

You can get a job someplace else if that is preferred, but otherwise this complaint makes no sense. Everyone seems to think it's okay to just disregard rules and policies and that they should get special treatment. We haven't had Thanksgiving with our family in 8 years because my husband works retail and is required to work on Black Friday. Since our family lives out of state we cannot get there and back in time for him to work.

Instead of whining about it we have accepted it.

If we decide we don't want to accept it anymore, then he will get a new job. See...easy.


Agree, resign


Retailers Are Extremely busy during the holidays. it’s just how it is and always will be. Unless you have seniority.


That’s the downfall to all retail they’re EXTREAMLY busy during the holidays, it’s just how it is and always will be. I used to work at Walmart and I would put in the have my birthday off every year 6 months in advance just to have it denied because it lands the week of thanksgiving.


They should pay you double time for having to work on the holidays!


Target has pissed off Millions of customers with it's wacky bathroom policy and soon will probably shuttering down stores all across the land due to the millions of dollars in lost business from christians and religious folks.


Everyone wants a job, but don't want to put in the hours. I ageee, resign

to Laura #1562931

Okay Laura do me a favor and read my comment back to Ms. BarbaraAnn.

I’m not the one working at Target, I’m the one with stage 4 cancer. The one working at Target is not complaining I am because I just wish I could spend the last few months and holidays I have left with loved ones. But *** me right for asking for such a selfish thing. Hope you have a great day Laura!

Thanks for the advice! You are such a great individual!

to Anonymous #1563765

The best thing your nephew can do is to put in a request for a day off. He may be able to get one day off to spend time with you.

I also work in retail, and I work weekends and holidays.

It also depends on seniority. How much seniority does your nephew have with Target?


But you knew the store was open on holidays. Sounds like you shouldn't have excepted this job. Do them a favor and resign.

to BarbaraAnn #1562242

Okay do me a favor and know the story before you tell “me” to resign. I am the Aunt with cancer and was told I have 4 months to live so the least target can do is give my nephew the time off . But thank you Barbara for the advice!


What does a Holiday have to do with seeing a loved one? Why can't they see you any other day of the week?

The fact is that a retail job includes working weekends and holidays. When consumers stop shopping on weekends and holidays the stores will close and their employees can have those days off. Until then, if you take a job in retail you must realize that you will need to work a schedule that includes weekends and holidays.

This means getting together with friends and relatives on the days you do have off. As a consumer, if you don't like friends and relatives working nights, weekends and holidays quit shopping at those times, but of course we all know that won't happen.

to Anonymous #1562277

They can come see me on the weekends off I understand that but I would love to see the whole family together again before my passing of this year. My stage 4 cancer isn’t going away and I know it’s selfish of me to ask but it’s this one time and I understand it’s retail I understand the sacarfice you are making but also I feel I have every right to be selfish at this point due to the circumstances and I’d love to have the holidays together with the whole family.

to Anonymous #1562356

Sorry for your situation. It seems like it might be just as nice to spend some quality time with a few family members t a time as well. It seems like when you get the extended family together at one time there are always a few you miss out on having a quality conversation with.

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