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was at flag ship store in downtown mpls. first of all computers down in pharmacy whitch is the reason I came to the store.

I was told to go to wallgreens. Then employee ran me down with a cart. I was checking out and a young man was so buisy talking to anotheer employee that he hit the back of my foot with a cart. I was asked if I was ok then every ine envalved took off.

I told a manager and was brshed off. I have contacted Target via email and have not heard much. I was hoping for atleast a better appoligy.

Wath can one expect from such a buc company. I guess I should of made them take me to the hospital to get them to respond.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Dear God, I could barely read that.

The employee accidentally hit you. He did not "run you down".

He bumped you.

It happens all the time in a crowded store and tight spaces. He even made sure that you were fine. Was he supposed to carry you around on his shoulders?

You aren't going to get a dime from them, especially since they won't be able to figure out what you are trying to say.

Stop whining over an accident.

You didn't get hurt and you could not convince me that getting tapped by a cart hurts.


I don't really like the big brother life with all the cameras they have now a days but a few have help me see how petty people can be when they think they can pull a scam.


It's pathetic the way people blow up a little accident in hopes of milking a big company. Too bad they didn't hit you harder and knock some sense into you.

to Anonymous Montgomery, Alabama, United States #816089

Judging from his spelling and grammar I think that they knocked some sense out of him. Come on even firstborntriplet's eight year old brother fineyoungaiden types better than this.

Tampa, Florida, United States #815948

So you were fine. The employee Didnt "run you down." He accidentally bumped your leg.Accidents happen. Move on with your life.

to Anonymous Montgomery, Alabama, United States #816088

I can simply state the first accident happened was when the condom broke. You were an accident weren't you anonymous from Minnesota?

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #815813

You were fine, I think your review makes it hard to tell what you are saying. You don't need a hospital, an apology okay but the hospital.

to First Born Triplet Giddings, Texas, United States #815814

But he is not fine, by the looks of his spelling and grammar I would say the employee hit his head real hard with a cart rather than his leg, or then again perhaps he is just dumb and normally spells this way.


"I was ok then every ine envalved took off."

Ok, I understand. See, your mommy should have done a better job of looking out for you.

4 year olds should not be allowed to run off.

Next time, stay with your parents next time you go to the store.


You said they asked if you were ok, and said yes.... So go to the hospital and waste their time with your b.ullshit injury!

San Diego, California, United States #815486

Go home OP you're drunk.


You must be drunk...drunk when you went to the store and still drunk when you wrote this... PATHETIC!!

Go to the hospital!

they need to treat you for blood alcohol poisoning.... Good grief, did you even read what you typed???

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