Be WARNED! If you pay for anything at Target.com with PayPal and need to return it for any reason you will ONLY be issued a gift card.

This small piece of communication is nicely hidden on the payment page on line 3 of a light gray very small letters paragraph under 1. enter your payment information. That is the ONLY chance you will have to see this policy when checking out. This note is NOT next to the PayPal check box, where they do offer "what is PayPal".

Plenty of room there to state the gift card only return policy when paying with PayPal. But that would be too obvious. This note is also not to be found anywhere on any of the following check out pages. The note is included on the return policy page under the help section on the very bottom of the target.com page.

This is NOT enough. This gift card only return policy when paying with PayPal should be obvious to the purchasing consumer when deciding to utilize this payment form. How disappointing for the Target brand that has become such a beloved iconic brand for many casual shoppers, we can no longer trust. Shame on Target for not making this return note OBVIOUS with the correct placement, color and size of the message.

Customer lost! Brand lost!

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I purchased a crib through target.com using my pay pal acct. when it got to my sisters house she denied the purchase.

I called target to set up refund process and was told that I had to wait until it reached the warehouse then be brought back to target in order to start the refund process. That took 2 weeks. I called on three different times to find out about my refund and received three different answers. Finally I got to speak to a supervisor and was told about the gift card refund.

I am not a person who purchases things and then return them. I had to return the crib because my niece was stillborn. If target would have posted the refund policy clearly then people would not be looking for money back on their credit card.

So to the people with their smat a** comments on another persons matter of deception should keep them to themselves. Target is so wrong for not posting clearly about paying with pay pal.


Actually, the complaint is with Target.Target claims that their policy is based on their "relationship" with Paypal. Since Paypal pays Target through your credit card, Target could establish a different return policy or more clearly explain their own.

I purchased a cabinet that arrived broken and arranged to return it. I was told to reorder it, as another cabinet would not automatically be sent.

Because this policy is so buried (I had to have customer service point it out to me and on the payment checkout page it says that "if you purchase with Paypal and return to a Target STORE, you will receive a gift card refund"), I ended up paying for the item twice. So those of you who are dismissive should actually get educated about this issue.


Target has nothing to do with PayPal.

Take your ignorant complaint elsewhere.


Your complaint is with PayPay. They make it difficult for retailers to credit their cards back.

Or you could stop buying and returning things.

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