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Hi, I went to the Target Store located in Redondo Beach 90278, California with my kid. I bought a PS3 game for him, item#207240403 value $39.99 plus tax total, $43.49 .

After a week my son did not like or understand that game, That game is rated "T" and my son is only 8 years old.

Today, When I went to return that game after little over a week, with a receipt. Associate in Return department refused to take it back. I asked that lady to call manager.

GSA Edvardo refused to take it back. First he says he is manager. When I asked him to write down on the paper, his name and designation. He said he is GSA ver rudely.

He was ver aggressive and his tone was very HARSH. My son was with me. He got scared the way he refused. I explained him, when i bought this game, I asked about the return policy.

Associate in electronics (I think his name was Chris) told me bring it back in 90 days with the receipt. He refused and i came back with the receipt and with the game. My son and i was very disappointed. I wanted to buy another game for him but no one helped us.

I want to tell everything to the district Manager or corporate office. People is return and GSA suppose to be very polite. All associate should know the policey. Electronic guy mis-guide me.

Now i can not return because of him.

Will never go again to buy anything. If you really want to help me pls call me 424-242-9040 Thx Arthur

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $43.

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You cannot return open software, exchange for same title only. The reason is piracy and copyright. This isn't Target's annoying policy, it is the law.

Wal-mart will not violate the law by refunding an open game, they will however happily exchange it for the same title.


Well no duh, you could have copied and mass produced the game by now ans sold it to a bunch of kids. It's illegal to return and open game, dvd, cd, ect.


First of all, your dumb. YOU as a parent need to check the rating of games you buy your son, its not anyone's responsibility but yours.

It's a job of a parent. A lot of parents let their young children play that and watch R movies. It's not okay for a Target employee to judge that and say "oh he's 8 and this is teen. We can't give it to you" you were the one that actually made the purchase, and your old enough to purchase a teen game aren't you?

So if you give it to your son beyond Target doors, that's your problem not there's. Second of all, Chris probably meant if it wasn't opened because THAT'S OBVIOUS. Why would anyone be allowed to return an open electronic? That's idiotic.

Third of all, why would you slap your kid? It's not his fault either.

It's yours and soley yours. My god when will we be able to live in a world where PEOPLE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS INSTEAD OF BLAMING EVERYONE THEY CAN.


It's obvious you can't return an open game. *** I wouldn't except it either no matter where I worked.

Why would you buy him a T game to begin with. That's not Targets fault that you choose to be a bad parent from the start. If he was buying it himself, then no they wouldn't let him. But you or someone else bought it for him so obviously they can't deny you purchase.

And even if someone else got it for him, why didn't you look it up online and stuff first, then return it if you didn't like it or give it to him. Your an ***.


No store will accept a return on an open game unless the game is defective (and even then it is even exchange only). It baffles me how in the digital age, some people still don't realize open software cannot be returned.

I think I'll go buy my daughter a movie and after a week of watching it, I'll return it because she doesn't understand it.

Sounds ridiculous? Sure does!


All the info you needed was on the receipt, it was in the store, and it was available on the internet. So you should have known that electronic media cannot be returned once it has been opened. Stop complaining.


Next time shop at Wal-Mart. They will take back an item even if it's opened.


Most stores don't allow you to return, CDs, DVDs or Video Games once you open them. That is common practice at almost every store now days. Next time take the time to actually read the return policy at the bottom of your receipt before opening an item.


You will get no help on this site. Soon you will be ridiculed for your post.

I ran into the same problem with Target and had to eat my purchase because no one, from the customer service department in the store to the corporate level, would help me. I am afraid that this is one of those life lessons that they slam into your face.

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