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Update by user Dec 10, 2018

I received a call from Target guest services and they brought up some comments I made about a few of their staff. I admit that I said somethings out of anger and frustration to different ones of their staff on 2 occasions AFTER being stalked and ridiculed by their staff.

Help me understand something.

If I don't go along with discrimination and lash out after being discriminated against over and over, then I am the one primarily at fault? Nothing has been done and I haven't shopped at Target since.

Update by user Nov 29, 2018

I need to expand upon my post to admit that as a result of the constant scrutiny that I received from their staff I did in fact say some things to different ones of Target staff that I regret out of anger and frustration for being racially profiled AFTER THE FACT. If your reading this I apologize. How ever that does not excuse being discriminated against and harassed.

Update by user Nov 22, 2018

There is another user by the screen name of Lone-Wolf whom created an account Nov 21st 2018 in an effort to discredit my legitimate complaint. My account was opened Nov 8th 2018. There comments have have been flagged for review.

Update by user Nov 19, 2018

Target management has failed to reach out to me to resolve our differences. I have decided that it would be a good idea to spend my money at Walmart from now on.

Who deserves to be treated like this repeatedly??? There white customers almost NEVER have to go through this experience.

Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2018

I have lived in the Uptown community of Chicago for almost a decade, since 2009. A Target department store (located at 4466 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640; 773-596-****) opened in 2010 and since the first week, I have been a regular customer at this store. I am a U.S. Navy reserve veteran. I served in Afghanistan in 2012-13. The pass couple of years a manager by the name of Wilberto has taken over and this store's customer service, has really started getting bad.

[From 2017] A few (white males/ I am an African American male) clerks followed me around the entire store (several times in a year span). At the time I didn't think anything of it. Then it continued. I realized, I walked out the store and didn't purchase anything (I couldn't find what I wanted), so I let them continue to scrutinize me while I shopped to satisfy their prejudice. This stopped for a while and then later continued. As I became disgusted and complained to management, they began singling me out for harassment and discrimination. I observed countless times, their customers of other ethnicities do the same thing and not be stalked, followed all around the store, or singled out for degrading service. They would talk about me in front of their customers, as if they didn't care who heard them.

[July 1st 2018 incident] I went to Target and a supervisor (Jeff) whom I have had arguments with about his aggressive stalking behavior, recruited Kia and they singled me out both walking on opposite sides of me while in the checkout line, which was embarrassing for a REGULAR/ ROUTINE customer. Jeff has done this COUNTLESS times. I filed a complaint with there corporate office in Minnesota and sent them a letter and copies of my receipts.

[October 17th 2018 incident] A front end employee (Corey, I believe) was standing about 8 feet from me when I heard him say to a female cashier (unknown), "watch his pockets", (as he evil eyed me) again embarrassing me in front of other customers in the checking line whom were listening. I walked over to pay for pizza at the counter across from the checkout lines and the cashier pursued me, stood by me, looking me up and down scrutinizing me. Chicago is a cold weather city, but I guess I can't even take off my gloves and skull cap (that I walked into the store with) and put them into my pocket without someone mistaking these items for stolen merchandise.

[October 25th 2018 incident] I went to purchase a greeting card for my sister's birthday, and 2 security guards (Steve in uniform & Tony, so I was told) followed me around the store until I pulled out my camera phone to record them. They both went upstairs to an area in the electronics department. When I asked (Tony, I believe) for his name, he refused to give it to me. Both Jeff and Corey worked the front end on this day, so it is likely that one of them was suspicion of me. The camera footage was *** so I couldn't upload it.

I live close by this location, so I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in this store (hundreds of dollars at a time or money in small amounts) to be routinely degraded by there front end supervisors, security and now the stores general manager who has ignored my complaints. I have bought everything from a 40" smart TV, Nutribullet blender, Ninja blender, to a bottle of coke in this store. I have called to speak to the store's general manager (Wilberto) countless times, walked in to make an appointment to be told numerous times that he is out of town, or not here, which I believe are lies in an attempt to pass the buck. I want to be treated like a person and NOT A CRIMINAL!!! I sent them copies of the receipts that I have (most were destroyed when my computer's hard drive went out) but it doesn't tell the full story of the amount of money I spent in THIS STORE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Talk with Wilberto.

Target Cons: Supervisors and staff are poorly trained, No accountability.

Location: 4466 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, USA

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To: Yousuf. Oh really.

You keep thinking what you want to think. But everybody else has been deleting your comments. And not mention the three reviews you wrote onto your own review. Why do you need to write three reviews?

You must be bored and dumb.

People like you desrve your a.. kicked out!


Agreed. Yousuf it the type of customer nobody wants!


Take this down already


A big development has surfaced onto here. We all know that "Brigitte was pretending to be this reviewer and write theses mean and nasty comments.

But things have come to light about "Yousuf." Onto the other pages, this person has made very rude and arrogant comments onto others. If you see this person still post anything please try to report it.

He or she is pretends to call out and confront trolls when into the face this person is one of those trolls. There have been proof about this person's behavior and past from other webpages.


You guys need to go onto the other webpage to see what yousuf is really hiding. It's going to shock you because this person used the term "You were not there." Look i am agreeing, everybody needs to respect everybody.

But when something sounds fishy. Then they need to call out and confront that person. If it a employee, manger or customer. I had respect for this person calling out internet trolls, But when they are taking it to a new level then it makes people question this person.

This person treats everybody like s...People have been complaining. It's a person that is calling out and confronting trolls. Then this person acts like one. I do believe this person review is "Awful horrible phone service." And it appear that this person might have the same name pages and address as Brigitte.

They like trolling each other. I I am not trying to put the blame and shame onto yousuf. I'm trying to understand where this person is coming from.

Because if someone who pretends not be, but who is a actual a troll is a troll. That makes them look just as guilty.


Again another guest reviewer troll


Okay kid whatever I notice the under 12 posters call everyone a troll.


You sound like Brigitte or you follow her so obviously your a troll too!!! Who is this Brigitte? Multiples of you people have used her name so all you(s) are either the same person or trolls!!


So what are you really trying to hide? Right now everybody is able to tell what type of person you are.

Clearly it would not surprise anybody else came across your false reviews and claims. Is there a real reason you're acting like a coward?


I am amazing at this comment section. I am going to try and explain onto how i am feeling about this.

I am agreeing with people calling out and confronting trolls. Yes. Everybody needs to treat everybody with respect. And internet trolls need to stop pretending to be others destroying other lives like Brigitte.

And every internet troll deserve to be called out. Onto a similar subject when trolls claiming others are working for a company without any proof. They are simply calling out and confronting customers that act like jerks. And the same thing goes for mangers and employees that act like jerks.

So could the hate and arrogance where people are assuming where others work. Let's just for calling out the bad employees and managers and customers. BTW, the reviewer is not to blame. Because this internet troll has openly admitted to pretending to be this reviewer.

And destroyed this reviewer's career. This person is now unemployed because of what Brigitte did to them. Please remember that there are always two sides to the story.

And Yousuf i am able to see where you're coming from thankyou for standing up to those trolls. You're a wonderful human!


No one is trolling kid.


We all know that you're that troll that everybody hates!


A big apology goes out to this reviewer. A internet troll was trying to be them and trying to start trouble for them. The moderation team will be deleting this person's comment from internet troll.


Yousuf you're a right. Someone needs to report these fake profiles.

Someone has been pretending to be this reviewer. And were letting the moderation team know. Thanks.

So sorry that person is trying to be and pretend to be you and the reviewer. You don't need to go through that!


Alert: Please be aware of Yousuf. This is really the reviewer starting up trouble into the comment section.


Please be aware of people who don’t login fake people behind computer warriors!!


People do have fake accounts. They have their real ones.

Then they create fake ones to troll! Maybe you need to take your own advice.

After seeing you and wanting to believe you about calling out trolls isn't working. Especially when you're one of them.


Ok troll!!


Please be aware of people that don’t log in full of crap can’t tell the difference between their own *** hole from their pie hole they call mouth


Right on. I am agreeing with you.

This person is 100 percent trolling. This is not the first time this troll has done crap like this. This Brigitte has ruined three other's people's lives and come to find out more lives. This person "Brigitte" is not just a troll but had done serious very bad things to others into her life onto other webpages and into the word.

This person has been so bad she has her you tube and face book page torn down. And i hope that you're doing good nd stay safe.

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