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I went to a target located in the hip near chicago. I was with my brother, cousin and mother wanting to buy some furniture. While sitting on the couch with my brother and cousin a employee showed up.

The employee walked up and said if we could get off the furniture. I tried to explain that I was purchasing items and he seemed to understand.

About a minute later a security officer demanded that we get off the couch. We also tried to explained to him that we were thinking about purchasing the item.

He threatened to have us thrown out of the store immediately if we did not get up from the couch. So we decided to get up, and leave all of or items and told then they had just lost several loyal customers.

I'd anything I think uh should sure for harassment because that is just outrageous.

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I'm sorry for my gramatical and spelling errors, I have a new phone without a text pad so it is difficult for me to type correctly.

And, no, I am not 8 years old I happen to be 23, so ne they would not have reacted this way because I was "horsing around" on the couch.


"I'd anything I think uh should sure for harassment because that is just outrageous"

I don't know what the *** that means, but it's clear that you are around 8 years old. You have to understand that when an employee sees children horsing around on a couch, he is not going to respond nicely.

If your parents were sitting on it, this probably wouldn't have happened. Escorting you out of a store is far from illegal or harassment, but you will learn that in high school.

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