In shopping your Target in Barboursville, WV, I was very uncomfortable while trying to shop. I might add that I am handicapped and cannot walk any distance or stand for long without sitting down to rest.

The store had only one power wheelchair and it had a note on it that said "Out of Order". The only other chair was a manual one. I tried using it. The seat was resting on a metal bar, which made sitting it the chair very uncomfortable. It had no feet or leg rests which made it necessary to hold my feet in the air while I was in the store.

Needless to say, I could not shop in comfort, so I didn't spend very much time in the store.

Why can't your stores have more than one automatic chair and why can't the store managers see that the ones they are are kept in working order?

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I didn't waste my time reading any of these uninformed comments. To the original poster: what makes you think there was only 'one chair'.

Did you physically wheel yourself around the ENTIRE store, every aisle, every endcap, every bathroom, entire parking lot..etc. to really see that there was only 'one cart'? The carts are repaired on site by a Target employee and it is not common practice to remove the foot rests from the manual chairs, but the foot rests could have also been stolen very easily. It is horrible that you had a bad time, and hopefully the store lost more than one customer over this.

You should really ask yourself how many handicapped people you find WORKING for Target. I have personally sat in meetings about how NOT to hire the handicapped because of productivity reasons. Avg. surrounding population of a Target store: 400000.

Avg. number of impaired employees per store:


the carts are provided as a courtesy. they cost a lot of money to maintain.

the store themselves are not in charge of the equipment -- they have an outside service come in and do repairs on them when needed.

it's not up to the store when the company comes in to repair them. maybe you should buy your own motorized wheelchair/shopping cart if you are having discomfort, and not rely on stores to provide one for you.


A little honesty is needed here. Tasha isn't a fourteen year old child. Her job is to intice anger in the posters since she is a plant by pissedconsumer.com


Get your own chair if you can not do without one.


Please refer to all of Target and Walmart's past reviews. Tasha is no fourteen year old child.

I am convinced that her job (for pissedconsumer.com) is to keep angry controversy to keep this site as a hot spot.

She writes each review so that the OP has a knee-*** reaction, and then falls back on her youthful innocence to keep the heat off her. It is too easy to check her past reviews for anyone to fall for this type of business reaction.


You should have gone right to the store manager. At this point, go to the target website and submit a complaint to corporate. The local store manager apparently is not up to the job or not paying attention to what is going on at the store.

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