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Aproximately 6 weeks ago, I was in the Hastings, MN Target store. I was in the Electronics Department wanting to look at the tv's.

I was waiting for a customer rep to come and help, no one showed up after waiting for about 15 minutes. I contacted the store manager, he was trying to help by giving me a 10% on a tv. I got to thinking that that was not fair enough so I left the store, waiting until Black Friday. Tonight, Thanksgiving night, Target opened at 9:00.

It was terribly cold and windy. The line was very long and I have heart trouble and emphysema, so I could not wait in line and the management wouldn't even let me go in the store ahead of the line just to wait. I have been buying all my electronics at Target, but at this time, I am very disappointed.

By the time I got into the store, the tv(32" Westinghouse) I was interested in was sold out. Bob Schweich, 651-334-2097

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So, you wanted a special deal on a TV and didn't get one good enough.

Then you wanted special treatment on Black Friday.

Then the TV was gone because other people got there earlier/waited longer.

I see.

Man, I hate to hear that and the disrespect you got in response to your requests.
Target is the pits. You'd be a lot better off staying away from them. 8)

It's probably for the best you don't shop there any more. I promise you Target won't miss you one bit.

Stores don't owe you anything for being handicapped. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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