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I was on the phone for over an hour trying to get someone from Guest Relations to tell me the item purchased on my gift card that I didn’t recall purchasing.They could provide the date, the store where item was purchased, & the amount.

However couldn’t advise what was the item purchased. They then referred me to contact the Target store; where the supposed item was purchased. The store could not help since the transaction was not within 90 days. The store then referred me back to guest relations.

Finally when I got to speak with a guest services mgr., she advised that she could only provide the item information if I give her the original gift card receipt number.

Of course, I do not have the gift card receipt number since I received the gift card as a gift!!!!I really don’t understand why when I look up my gift card online it would automatically show all purchases made instead of going thru Target’s incompetent staff with no resolution!!!!


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W2hy would you expect a store to be able to tell you what you used a gift card to purchase moths ago? Keep track of your own records, it's not the job of a store to babysit you.

to Anonymous #1442121

Because they are clearly an idiot.

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