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Target’s at Exterior Street in the Bronx has now instituted a policy that it’s customers will be forced to do self check outs. No cashiers will be at registers until 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Why? It gets crowded when they do have cashiers at the registers. Now the other little dig at the customers is this, it all those self check out registers work. Maybe less than half have a green light.

The cashiers are most likely working for minimum wage. They probably do t have health insurance, or a pension plan. So the company is saving money.

When I was leaving the store one customer was waiting for Target staff to unlock the wheels on her cart. He wasn’t by the door. The security person did t have the key to unlock her cart. Who knew where the staff was with the key.

Now, this Target is just about five or six blocks away from Yankee Stadium. Will they only man the store with cashiers at the registers when there is an early game, while making the community use the self check out at other times?

Is this a policy that runs throughout Target stores or just this one in particular?

Or is it that the Corporation feels that they are doing business in the Ghetto and that they can get away with this type of treatment when it co es to peopleof color?

They need to be called out on this. It’s an affront to both their customers and their staff. Which are equally being abused..

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think that that's wonderful that they trust their customers so much that they let them check themselves out.


If they shut the store down completely, will that make you happy?


If you don't like the store just shop somewhere else.

to Anonymous #1472697

Yes I could do that, but why do I have to be inconvienced? Do they pull that stuff near the Barclays Center?

And it’s not just Target that gives people a lousy shopping experience. Old Navy in Brooklyn on Hoyt street, a junk store. No all the sizes, clothes thrown all over the place, no staff. The Old Navy at 125 th Street, almost the same thing, not all the sizes, no working bathroom, long line to the cashiers.

Old Navy on sixth Ave and 17th Street, totally different experience. All the sizes, neat appearance of the clothing, no long line to get to the cash register.

In order to get what I want I have to travel a great distance from my home. Why should I the customer be inconvienced?

to Anonymous #1472970

Did you ever think that the customers in the stores may be the problem? Do you really think employees throw clothes all over the store?

Self serve registers are a way of keeping costs down in a store. When a store doesn't have a lot of traffic you cut costs to keep it profitable. The alternative would be to close the store. I guess you have the choice of supporting the minimally profitable stores in your area or shop further away in a more profitable store where they can afford more employees to keep the store clean and open more registers.

I can shop at a newer fancier Walmart 3 miles from Home or and older Walmart 11 miles away. I actually prefer the store 11 miles away because it is busier and they have more registers staffed as well as more self serve registers for when I have a few items.

to Anonymous #1480047

It's usually bad to shop in stores in the ghetto, because, well, its in the ghetto and the shopper act like merchandise terrorists, steal, destroy and act like animals. 80% of poor people are like that because of the way they act, not their circumstances.

to Anonymous #1537339

To: Anonymous April 29th Customers want too have excellent and amazing customer service. people should be allowed too go into an shopping area where they are comfortable and not get treated like crap and *** maybe you stop and think about that before telling them what they should or shouldn't go shopping! Nobody asked you.

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