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While looking on line at, I found on their weekly ad furniture listings for a 6 drawer dresser for $119.00 and a night stand for $49.00. The add states: "Free Shipping when you spend $50.00".

They charged me $78.00 for shipping and refuse to help because, it only applies to certain items (?) and not ours. On my "Shopping Cart" list I printed off, it doesn't state that - it states exactly (in bright red): "Free Shipping when you spend $50.00".

Not very good customer relations. Will never shop there again or on line.

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Actually, some items do state that due to their weight they have a separate handling fee so while Target doesn't charge for shipping of the item they do have to charge what they get charged for handling by the delivery service they use.


I should be arrested for stalking a corporation. I am such a nerd.


Previously NARC YOU OUT - Some little coward has stolen my name and is posing as me to defend Target. In my opinion, it only absolutely proves that they are representing the Target chain in some way.

I certainly have not changed my opinion of Target; they should be charged with criminal charges for bait and switch. The only change from here on out is that I will post only as Anonymous, and anyone identifying themselves as Narc you out will just be continuing with their scared little lies.


All you have to do is read!




IndyMoparMan - Your experience with Target is very common. They use gimicks, lies and misrepresentations to sell their products and never stand behind the claims they initially make.

You would be well warned to stay away from the Target stores in general, on-line and bricks and mortar. They are all the same and have no concept of how to treat decent customers. In today's economy, we cannot be lured into shopping at stores that are not completely forthcoming when they have many, many other store who are happy to help and work with their customers to give them satisfaction. Customer relations is a joke at Target.

Your posting will make a lot of people aware of how Target takes advantage of shoppers and ward off potential problems that can be avoided at any other store. Thank you so much for your posting!

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