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I waited until Free Shipping Friday to order a toy for my grandson. The toy was over $50.

When I placed my order, I was charged $9.21 for shipping! When I called your customer service dept. they said, "Oh, that toy does not qualify for Free Shipping!" I then checked again, and your home page says: :"FREE SHIPPING ON ALL TOYS WHEN YOU SPEND $50, PLUS GET $5 OFF." Finally I get to speak to a Manager at your call center and she at first gives me a hard time, but then comes back and tells me that I'm right. She promises to credit me back the $9.21 for shipping, but says it may take 10 days.

WHAT? Is this the kind of operation you're running there at I'm so pissed off, I don't think I'll ever want to shop at Target again. I hope someone reads this and fires the joker who is in charge of their Internet page that's promoting this Free Shipping ***.

Oh, I'm now told that your statement about FREE SHIPPING on your home page is wrong.

Well Target, you guys better not join if you're not going to offer FREE SHIPPING! What kind of operations are you running???

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Note: I said I waited for Free Shipping Friday to begin, so my order was placed after midnight, Tasha... And, if you recall, I said they kept me up till 1 am while they checked into their problem. The order was not placed on Thursday. Yes I said last night, but it was past 12 am, so it was FRIDAY morning!

I never said my grandson was two years old. Look at my original complaint. I just said I purchased a toy for one of my grandsons.

Why some people think a person who writes a complaint on this site shouldn't be upset is amazing. The site is called "PISSED". So yes, when I entered my complaint, I was pissed off. The purpose of my complaint was to warn others who may be going to on Free Shipping Friday to order items for the holidays to be careful. And, I guess I was hoping that maybe someone from Target would have seen this complaint and addressed it by now.

If people that go to this site don't like to hear pissed off consumers, then don't got to this site.

And to "Impostor or Not", don't judge people who are pissed and come to this site to log in their complaints. Unless you are in their shoes, you have no reason to tell people they have anger issues, or they must be old and grumpy. Every consumer has the right to be upset and complain when they are not treated fair when spending a lot of money with a retailer like Target.

Again, Target did seem to resolve my issue, but they diid not resolve their problem. And that's a shame.

PS: The real Loren Samuelson does not shop at Best Buy.


First of all, the person that identified the impostor writing above, you are so right. That was not me. Thanks for recognizing the difference in personality in their writings.

Second of all, I am a man, not a woman. How sexist some people can be (LOL). Women named Loren usually spell their name with an "in" at the end. Men named Loren are usually spelled with an "en" at the end. But not a hard and fast rule I'm sure... Very common mistake. No harm.

Thirdly, yes I was a grumpy last night. You would be too if you were in my place talking to these CSR's at 1 am in the morning. You try to be nice and show them the obvious, but they just don't listen. They have a script and they stick to it (until you can talk to a manager). Ordinarily I'm a very calm person, and I own a storefront website myself (no, not as big as But, I can tell you, I would never treat any of my customers the way I was treated last night.

Keep in mind, when they made good on their promise and were kind enough to send me an e-mail confirming the credit, I let everyone know. But, again... They did not fix the error on their site.

Yes, I've had errors even on my site when I first went into business, but when customers contacted me, I didn't tell them they were wrong. I thanked them and told them how much I appreciated them contacting me.

Bottom line, there are two kinds of customers: The ones that see a problem and just give up and never go back to order from the store, and those who complain in hopes to correct a wrong. I'm the latter, and I'm proud of it, because it's what makes companies better and give consumers a good experience instead of what I had. I love customers who are more like me. I get repeat business because of them.

Have a great holiday to all who commented. Even the *** impostor who thinks they were successful trying to convince people on this site they were me.


Target sent me an e-mail today confirming they will credit my credit card for the shipping charge. But, I just checked their site and they still say Free Shipping On All Toys When You Spend $50.

Thought they would have corrected this statement by now.


I ran into a similar problem a couple of years ago with Sirius/XM when I tried to re-new after the initial one year period was up on a new car I bought. After wading thru their *** menu I got someone in either India or Mexico who said the website was wrong about the $10 credit and would I like to sign up anyway?

I declined, of course, and do not miss XM satellite radio at all. I guess I didn't really need it after all.

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