Target in Colma Daly City California was giving away free samples located before the checkout counters. I was standing in front waiting for my free sample.

The worker handing out samples to his co-workers only when I asked for mine. He quickly added sorry we are out. I feel If you are handing these samples where customers can see you, therefore customers are more entitled to these rather than your co-workers.

And if these samples were only intended to your employees Target Store keep it inside for your employees. I better complain and hope a lot of people see this.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #740769

I work for Target and I can agree that a lot of complaints here are vakid, but know that a lot of times when we get a new item in store we try it out ao that we're able to tell guests what the product is like, etc. We don't tend to ever give out free samples, just so you know.


Employees keeping all the FREE SAMPLES!! Employees cherry picking the products leaving them in the back room until they are 70% orr!! Wow SAME OLD TARGET!!


Lmao! Some people clearly have too much time on their hands to complain about this!

South San Francisco, California, United States #733378

Maybe the product isn't good enough to share with the customers. And tried it on their employees first. :grin :grin :grin


LOL seriously? I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with you on a regular basis if THIS gets you mad. "I didn't get something I had no expectations of getting until 2 minutes ago and feel like I am entitled to that something for free!" Kill yourself, for the good of humanity.


You're mad because you weren't given something for free? LOL, Talk about entitled.

You should sue Target for damages... :upset :upset

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