I wanted to buy a gazebo, netting and lighting on sale. I made a payment on the Target card instead of another card so that I could take advantage of the 5% percent Target offers their customers.

Big mistake. It turns out that Target can take your money and hold it indefinitely at any time. They credit your account and then say Ha Ha you can't use your money. Not only that they will release your money after the sale is over thinking that you will buy the same items full price.

Well Ha Ha on them. I am going to pay down the balance and let an unused credit line sit there because you get penalized for closing the account. Supervisor Bridget says that Target has no problem giving out credit and people not using it.

They like that way. So yes I may have to pay more money but at Target, Big lots or Christmas tree shop where they are customer friendly and want your business

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Read the terms and conditions before you agree to a credit card...duh?


Unfortunately people like you don't understand credit and how to use it wisely. I have a small balance on the card and pay it off immediately and don't keep buying things I can't afford.

Credit used wisely is what you get your credit rating from. Paying cash gives you a zero credit rating.

So before making judgments, get both sides of the story. Wait until it happens to you and you will understand.


Take your money and hold it? What money?

If you bought it on credit you didn't pay any money. Credit is different than money.

You're going to "pay down the balance"?

I bet you think you're smart getting a 5% discount and paying 20% interest. Just admit you like to buy things you can't afford and have no idea how credit works.

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