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Went to shop at the new Super Target, in my neighborhood ,the necessities of an unemployed family man ,when i got to the register i was told that I need it to pay some of the items i got , I ask why the person at the register did not have a clue second cashier approached and told me to learn how to pick my groceries come on, my family and I been receiving help for the last 5 weeks , I think I Know how to pick my grocery's was embarrassed have of the place found out I was paying with a government card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #657359

So, based on the comments here, I guess every person who uses food stamps *deserves* to be embarrassed and publicly humiliated? Wow.

Nice. I didn't realize it was a package deal. Our family of six has now been on food stamps for two years after a major life-change and the new reality of juggling multiple low-paying part-time jobs. This experience has been a serious eye-opener for us.

We are learning what it's really like for those who need to get by on minimum wage jobs that don't offer full-time hours or benefits. We won't be in this spot forever...but in the meantime--I'd appreciate it if Target would get their stuff in order and actually enter all the legitimate grocery items into their system. I too have been told (multiple times!) at various Target stores that part of what I'm purchasing isn't allowed on food stamps and that maybe I don't know what I'm doing when choosing my items. Come on!

ALL food-groceries are allowed (things labeled as "supplements" or which are alcoholic are not allowed--that is all.) If blueberry Yoplait is food, and can be purchase with food stamps, blackberry Yoplait should also purchasable--but you may be told otherwise at Target. (Dear Target, ALL types of yogurt are "food" and allowed to be purchased on food stamps!) I might currently be poor as heck, and daily life may be a genuine struggle right now, but I am not ***.

I know what constitutes "food". Target needs to get their act together and judgmental jerks, who don't know the story of the person who's in line ahead of them, need to zip it.


this topic is sold old.. lol but I didn't even understand half of the original poster's post.


Oh the horrors another person complaining about not getting things for free. Another person complaining about not forcing taxpayers to pay for all the food they want. Another person who would rather get money from taxpayers and watch television than earning their own by getting the job.

Honestly if the OP had a dollar for everyone who whines about not getting taxpayers to pay for all the food they want he would be rich.

I bet you embarrass your family more by living off taxpayers and not getting a job. If you had anything to be embarrassed about you should be embarrassed that other people are supporting you and feeding you while you mostly watch television. If you are on foodstamps how can you afford to have internet access.


Why are you embarrassed that we taxpayers are giving you free food? The people in the store are the same people who voted to give you all that free cash for food.

And yes, some stores will let you slide on items that aren't in the program. But don't get mad when you finally run into a store or clerk that won't risk losing his job for you; just so you can buy alcohol and cigarettes with your childrens milk money.

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