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Target has tide oxi on sale this week, 13 July 204. The first day of the sale Sunday thirty minutes prior to the store opening I and six other guest go to the store to retrieve the three tide oxi, and receive ten dollar coupon once the doors opened.

Sad to say this company didn't even have this item online the day of the sale. Target maybe in more trouble than we think. Posting sales without the item in any store within 60 miles from me, is sad. I have about twelve store here .

I hear a sales clerk say the store workers purchase the item the night before the sale, it was happening in all the stores. I also check in Colorado, and Ohio, no product, (per online in store find). I called again today, only one came in.

Is this a trick to get me in the store and it's US wide. I was pissed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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San Diego, California, United States #842083

actually this is the 2nd week for this sale..your right if they they know thta they're gonna put up something in promotion they should be ready for it!!!...And I also learned it seems like they are trying to hide it or incident happens to me at 1 store..I have this target app. so it tells you there if the store is IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK.and I refresh it every as soon as I refresh it and 1 store shows they're in stock I called in and ask the operator to take me to laundry check on something.and she ask me what is soon as I say TIDE OXI.. SHE says OH we dont have it!she did'nt pass me to that dept.she just insisted that they dont have it.and hung up!so I called again and insisted to pass on laundry dept...she paused and you can tell that she's hesitant...but til she says ok..and pass me to the laundry the nice guy over there is so helpfull he did he's job well...he scan the barcode and I give him a DPCI# so he checked it and says..yes mam we have 4 in the back! you see?target peope starting to be a liar.they're trying to hold the product..and you know why i say the app is accurate?When I'm buying it the manager says that's the last one they I bought all 4...So right after I bought that product I get out of the store get in the car...check the app again..and it shows from IN STOCK(CHECK) TO ..OUT OF STOCK(X)...and now I'm calling a different target confirming they have stock..same story..they're telling me they dont have it..when in the app says that they have soon as they heard theTIDE OXI they'll tell you right away that they dont have it!..actually she slipped...she says ''I've been told'' meaning managers telling them to lie?????how awful..

to Anonymous #842160

Your parents obviously taught you to be greedy and selfish, I know it is first come first get, but seriously if someone were as greedy and selfish as you and bought all the sale items at all the Target stores you would be complaining about that as well.

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #841727

I guess the only way to get the sale items is to work for them, it is not that fair for them to sell the items before the sale just to the workers, but that is one of the perks about working there.


target has been losing business since the breech. they have cut hours of stockers, completely changed from doing 4am to after 8am this is the issue you are having. company loses money low level employees suffer!!

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