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I went to Target on Seigen Lane in Baton Rouge early last night. I went for what I expected to be a safe and pleasurable experience. It used to be that way.

OMG I should have known when I drove up that something was different. Baskets in the parking lot everywhere. And, the store was filthy. First thing I saw walking in, flowers that should have been in the garden mortuary last Monday.

Merchandise in complete disarray. On the floor, tags ripped off, clothes everywhere. It looked like a Hurricane had gone thru the store. It was so depressing after the way a remembered this store.

I was not buying any food. I knew that. My family owns a wholesale grocery distribution business in Baton Rouge and this was horrific to see.

I would expect from this visit that Target is in serious trouble financially. I will go back to Walmart next time. It may not be as safe, but their store is a delight compared to this fiasco.

Jane Dunlap

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What is target's restroom policy on Extraterrestrials from outer space? Are they allowed to use whatever bathroom that closely matches what gender that they most identify with?


Take a look at their stock price magically jumping up...all while they roll out a new business model that is forcing hourly employees (averaging 16-24 hours a week per employee) to literally chat up every "guest" with the goal of making suggestive sales.Anywhere you can find Target employees having open forum discussions on the internet - reddit, - etc., you will find 90% negative talk about the company. You'll even find that most of them talk very poorly about the people who shop there.

For the life of me I can't figure out how this corporation is supposedly doing well financially.Pro Tip: One sure-fire way to tell if they are, in fact, in financial crisis is to watch for rising prices on the clothing they sell. Target wholly owns most of the clothing brand names sold in stores. It's their money making department by far due to an extremely small overhead. Sadly, most of their clothing falls apart pretty quickly after purchasing.WalMart might be a bit of an unattractive place to shop at times with all of the sketchy people that come in and out of there..but in the end, it's all the same "Made In China" crap you don't really need in your home.

If you're going to go into a brick and mortar 'discount' retailer and spend your hard earned money, WalMart is going to have the lower prices a vast majority of the time. Target is also currently spending hundreds of millions to billions to remodel all of their stores to be "more attractive". It's an absolutely 2 faced corporation that cares more about investors and profit margins over employees.My source of information - Worked there for 5+ years without a single disciplinary incident until I was suspended over the phone, then fired over the phone at 7:30pm the next with my girlfriend and our 6-year-old daughter listening over speakerphone 2 days after I threatened to call the employee integrity hotline to report abusive/accusatory behavior from an executive team leader right on the sales floor in front of guests and a co-worker in my department.Even though I took the initiative to resolve the issue by leading this "leader" away from the sales floor to have a talk with the HR executive, they pulled a reversal on me and made calls to the corporate office, "HR and legal business partners" and claimed I threatened physical harm on this particular person that was acting way out of line.Over 5 years of my dedication, loyalty and very hard work for this place, erased! I can still hear the cackling the 3 executives erupted into after I removed myself from the little HR office (I was literally 5 minutes away from the end of my shift that day and needed to clock out - because don't you dare go a minute over your scheduled shift!) and they closed the door behind me.

The regular hourly HR lady and myself could clearly hear them roaring with laughter behind that closed door. I'm glad they found it amusing to start the chain reaction of the rottenest 8 months of my life, thus far... That whole situation has turned into a living nightmare for me!^ It feels so good to finally get some of that out..and forgive me for turning your bad trip to your local Target into a long rant.

I might be quite biased in my opinion due to what happened to me, but there are a great many others working for Target that would tell you things that would make your head spin.This is a company that wants you to judge their book by its cover. Attractive face, deep dark secrets.I hope your next shopping experience will be a better one, wherever you choose to shop!

to Formerly PFresh Tom of 2270 #1484288

No one is forced to work for Target. Instead of complaining, maybe look for work somewhere else

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