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The day i applied for a new account they were very short staffed ,There was only two cashiers on the third floor registers ..They asked me did i want to open a new account in order to get a small discount on my order i said sure" why not!! Then after i filled it out i was approved ..They kept taking my reciept to different cashiers acting like the scanners were broken ..

Then someone came to help them fix the issue ..

... Then the very next day ,i get a call from my credit card company saying that my card is being used at a Target in another Location , They spent 600 of my money,Those Cashiers actually steal peoples Identity so beware of filling out credit card applications during the holidays.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I will be going back to that Target in Queens Center ,I will not be a victim of Identity Theft ,They got to spend 600 of my money They won't get the Rest,I work hard for my Money!1


They "required" every cashier to sell at least one credit card a day!! or lose your job

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