Yesterday, I went into my local target store. I bought household items, cards and yogurt.

I brought my own brown paper target bag, since my store no longer gives bags. I put the bag in the back of my car, along with a bag from another sotore (containing pershible items). By the time I got home, one of the bottles of Method cleaner had leaked all over the car. The top was still firmly in place, yet the contents poured all over the car, ruined the cards, seaped into the ice cream, and damaged paper products.

I called the store immediately, and was told to come back in for a full refund of my receipt, and compensation for the ice cream I bought at another store. However, after waiting for 25 minutes for a manager, I was told the most I could get back was a $25 credit. My receipt was $48.93 (not included the ruined ice cream,) OR the damage to my car.

When I questioned the manager she said, "well, we are not really responsible for an item once it leaves the store, so I think I'm being more than fair". I was shocked...Customer service HA!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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you didn't notice the cleaner leaking when you were shopping? if it wasn't then it obviously happened after you left the store.

I feel bad for what happened to you but you can't blame Target for something that didn't even happen while in their store.

what's next? you're gonna get mad at McDonald's and demand a refund because a little ketchup fell on your shirt while you were driving and eating your double cheeseburger?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #660786

It isn't the cleaner's fault that it leaked all over your car. If there had been a leak in the container, you should have noticed that either before or during checkout.

Are you sure you didn't have something in your car that the item could have bumped against and make a small hole?

However, if it was a hole it would have have had to be a pretty good sized hole to ruin so many things. Something is "fishy" here.

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