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I have purchased Bounty paper towel,the sign on the shelve said .you will received $ 5 target gift card.

I forget to ask for the $5 target gift card.I went back to the same store in woodfield ill 2 weeks later.

spoke to Jeannine (Mgr) about it. She told me I should came back the same day for it. I told her ,I live 2o minute away. It is not worth the gas and time to come back that day.She is not very helpful, she said they are no such promotion.I was mad since My family has been a long customer of Target co. for over 30 yrs.The $5 is not going to break me but it sure make me very angry at Target store. I will not shop at Target store from now on. I also call 800 440 0680 customer relation and spoke to someone , he ask me about Rec# 21830880008577337 which I gave it to him. He said the promotion is collect but I have to buy another items.which I am not aware off. I am very surprice of the out come.For $5 gift card .The target store are willing to loose a long time customer,which spend over aproximately $140,000.00 so far.

But not anymore, I will not step foot in the Target store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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How much was the roll of Bounty paper towels, around a dollar? If Target gave away a five dollar merchandise card in exchange for the purchase of a one dollar roll of paper towels, there would be a mad rush on Bounty paper towels from target.

They would lose millions of dollars.

Hey, I'll buy ten rolls of Bounty paper towels in exchange for fifty dollars in gift cards any day. Now, doesn't that sound ridicules to you?


You had to buy 3 items from the selected list including bounty, charmin and a few other things...NOT JUST 1!!! Why don't you pay attention to what you are buying/ad signs...all them fancy letters aren't just there to waste ink!!!


So you're going to stop shopping there because YOU made a mistake? You are a real piece of work, lady.


140,000 for 30 years is nothing to them, that comes to $388.88 a month, they make that much money in a week or month. If you refuse to step foot in to another Target because you got one bad experience in 30 years, (something which is your own fault.) you have more issues than just bad grammar to work on.

Too bad. Maybe you could have used the card for grammar lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek :grin :grin
Too bad. Maybe you could have used the card for grammar lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek :grin :grin

Not their fault you forgot to ask for the gift card.



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