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I am a minor and was with my parents at target. When me and my parents walked out of the store we were followed out by a man who accused me of stealing and wanted to strip search me.

He said he was going to call the police if I didn’t go into the store with him. My mom asked him what it was I supposedly stole, what his name was, why he wasn’t wearing anything that showed he was working there etc. The guy would not answer her any of her questions but was still adamant that I had stolen something and told her that whatever i had stolen was in my pants. She shoved her hand in my pants and there was obviously nothing there.

The guy just walked back into the store and we went home.

It was very humiliating for me and I have never stolen a thing in my life. Y’all need to work on how your employees treat people (if that was an employee, my mom thinks it was a bad man.).

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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While he was stopping yall, real thieves were inside the store stuffing their pockets and purses with jewelry.


How disgraceful. They aren't even allowed to accuse you of stealing in the first place!

They can only stop you if you have their property, like a cart or basket. You had neither and they were profiling you..I'm sorry you had to go through this. People suck and they think they know everyone.

I'm sure you didn't steal. The person stopping you probably does.


Depending on the area this person was in it could have been a sex trafficking situation. It might not have had anything to do with target themselves. People can pretend to work somewhere to take advantage of someone and the person did say that their mother thought it could have been a “bad man”.


After reviewing the footage, we suspect you stole a large sausage. Please bring it back.


BOGUS!!!!! No security employee is going to strip search a suspected shoplifter. You sound like someone who needs something better to do than make up stories like this.

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