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10/16/2011 – Today's Sunday Target advertisement states video game, "Skylander" is "available now.

3:30pm – Went into Target on New Garden Rd. in Greensboro, NC and the item was not available. Sales clerk stated they were sold out.

4:15pm – Went to Target on Lawndale in Greensboro, NC and the item was in stock. Went to check out and was told there was an error message stating the item could not be sold until 10/18/2011. Cashier called someone over to help. I waited approximately 10 minutes. He then told me to meet him at the customer service department. I waited there another 35 minutes while he called the corporate office for instructions on how to proceed. Corporate advised him the item cannot be sold until 10/18/2011 as the computer states, even though they are aware that the advertisements states "available now". Corporate also advised the gentleman to pull the remaining merchandise from the shelves.

5:00pm – I'm turned away with no product and just a lousy, "sorry, there is nothing we can do". Clearly this is false advertising. Target states in the ad that the item is available. The item is on the shelf. Yet I left the store with a "sorry". NOT COOL!!! The least they could have done was give me a coupon for a certain amount off on my next purchase especially considering I wasted 1.5 hours of my day not including drive time trying to buy an item they claim to sell but don't. UGH!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Tasha is a plant whose job is to incite anger in posters to keep artificial interest in this site. is a perpetrator of a hoax.

No child could be as active on these many sites as Tasha is. This web site should be closed down.

How do I get a hat off my skylander
If anyone no's Then tell me

Tasha isn’t a 14 year old child. A full time employee would have a hard time keeping up with the amount of postings she products.

I believe Tasha is a full time employee of

She stirs up negative controversy and gets the comments flying,all to the betterment of this website. Don't fall for his/her baiting.


BTW: Do you even know the definition of perv? I want to reply to all of the Target listings.

Finding your remarks there is just an unfortunate turn when going to these sites. Why don't you go to another site to post and leave those of us adults alone who actually spend OUR own money and want to warn other people about Target, you habitual juvenile deliquent?


If you would get off these sites and do some homework, you wouldn't find yourself stalked - you might even find yourself, oh, I don't know, ummm educated!! You are a brat in need of adult supervision.

If you won't get off playing with computers and stop calling people stalkers, at least use your computer for educational purposes. If you are indeed 14 years old, try to expand your i.q. instead of going around calling people pervs and insulting people for complaining about bad businesses.

Who knows, you could grow up one day to be a consuler in conflict resolution!! Grow up, spoiled twerp.


Tasha, get off this site. You must be 18 to post here.


I like what you had to say about your experience, ugh. They didn't have the doll I wanted for my little girl in last Sunday's paper, and it broke her heart.


I'm an adult and I hate the treatment I received at Target. Those stores suck.

My friend in Colorado was so embarrassed at Target, she told me she wasn't going to shop there anymore, and I know several other people treated badly there.

Target can suck on other people. They won't have a shot at me again.


Father of Triplets, thanks for your posting. I never considered that the complaints weren't coming from krdavis03.

At any rate, I have nothing new or concrete to add to this site, so I will leave it to the detractors.

If, indeed, krdavis03 is looking for advise, my parting words to him, you and everyone else on this site are: Stay away from Target.

They have no concern for customer satisfaction.

Cudos and thanks to you father of triplets.


I don't know how to get you satisified and these trolls back on point other than to leave this posting because no matter what attempt I make, the uproar continues, so maybe this will resolve it - sayonara.


Can't you people read?

This posting is about Krdavis03. It's not about me.

He asked to keep it on point.

It's on point. Period.


Look, the OP requested that everyone stay on point. If you want to argue about how many posters there are using the screen name anonymous, be my guest.

Do it on some other site. I have no intention to indulge in your games about who posted what. That point is now moot.

In respect to Krdavis3, stay on issue. He says he looking for advice.

That is the issue he wants comments on. Period.


why does everone say poor child about tasha. she writes to every site about how old they are and runs everybody down.

look at teh tother target places and see how she does nothing but cause trouble to everbody. keep kids off where they have no business. she is just a troll and wants to stir up *** with people complaining about target.

look for yourselves. i agree with anonymous, make her shut up.


There is more than one person responding anonymously. You are correct, profanity is not appropriate on this site, and I would not resort to that behaviour under any circumstances.

On point that you are seeking advise on this site, good luck. These people believe attacking someone who posts is their interpretation of good advise.

At your request, I shall refrain from comments. However, I do reserve the right to readdress any troll launching attacks in the future.

I hope you find the information you are seeking. Good luck.


BTW: You might want to review your comments while you're in the process of judging grammatical errors.

You said, "Since we are on topic after you posted.

Don't listen to Tasha. You should have put a comma not a period, those two sentences are to be combined."

Since you are competent enough to call my writings into question, I would believe that you can clearly see the many errors you perpetrated in those statements.


Thanks for your critique regarding the proper usage of English grammer. I don't agree with your assessment of my sentence structures.

My first sentence is an imperative sentence. It stands alone. My second sentence is a declarative statement, and it stands by itself, too. I am old enough to write a check, vote, drive a vehicle, and pay living expenses.

Tasha isn't even old enough to get a learner's permit for a car. Whether or not Tasha thinks she is the master of English grammer, she hasn't even completed enough grades to get a high school diploma. If this child is going to correct adults and call them names, then she needs to be called down for making the errors she mocks others for making. Yea, I guess I do feel real big.

You see, I am. Tanya, however, isn't.


Don't listen to Tasha. She is only 14 years old and can't even spell advertised.


I bought mine at Target on 10/16/11 in the morning and I had no problem.


Pretty sorry, huh?


Go to Best Buy, you can buy it there. They got exclusive rights to sell it early.

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