Thanks target for the awesome customer service.... Have a worthless Visa Debit card purchased at Elk Grove, CA Target never activated by the cashier.

Merry Christmas to me, $100 card worth nothing. Visa said to call Target, but Target says there is nothing they can do without a receipt. Well since it was a gift card, I didn't get a "gift" receipt and my brother didn't keep his original. I have spent hours on the phone with various managers and customer service reps only to be still stuck with a worthless card that my brother paid $100 for.

Their suggestion is to get with my brother, go to the Target he purchased the card at and try to resolve it that way.

Well he is in another state, and the Target isn't in the town where I live. Hope you enjoy the free money Target; I will never shop in your stores again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Debit Card.

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That really sucks!

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #608070

That definitely sucks. He can always go back to the Target he purchased it from and if it is within 90 days and he knows what day he purchased it they can find it in the system and look up a receipt.


Gift cards suck. Cash is a much better gift.


This is why it's important,when giving a gift card, to include the gift card & the gift card receipt.


This is one of those situations where I certainly side with the customer. It is very unfortunate and there are only a few things that can be done.

Your brother has two options:

1. find the receipt (if possible) to prove the purchase.


2. Go to the store WHERE HE PURCHASED the good and have them look up the transaction based on the date and (if he used a credit card) his credit card number.

I really do hope that helps because it is a very unhappy case.


This year I included the origional receipt enclosed with every gift card I gave..problem solved!!


Same thing happened to us with several Visa/Am Ex gift cards - how do they get away with this?!

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