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After purchasing a DVD holder we realized the parts were incorrect when attempting to put it together. We then attempted to return it to Target.

Because we did not have a receipt they would not allow us to even exchange the item for the same one. I attempted to call twice and send too written correspondence. Due to the cost being over $75.00 they will take no action. There are several shipping labels on the box from the company to Target.

Any other store this would never be an issue for. I considered suing them in small claims court just because of the principal. I don't need the money although it did cost $90.00 for a box of unusable wood which *** me off. Their customer service department is a joke.

There is none. I have wasted so much time on this already over principal. So here it goes Target: If you read this, I won't be spending more money at your store ever again. You have lost not only a good personal customer but a business customer as well.

My business won't be purchasing from your store either over this. Your company should be ashamed and is a disgrace to retailers around the country.

I don't care about your deals because I would rather pay more for the item and be treated with respect. So good bye and I hope you lose all of your business just like you lost mine :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $92.

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WAKE UP. It's a new world out there.

Target and most retail stores now require a receipt for returns.

This may be a costly lesson for you, but in the future save the receipt till you know the product works properly for you. If it has a warranty you will want to save the receipt until the warranty has run out in case you need to prove the date of purchase to the manufacturer of the product,

to ??? Venice, Florida, United States #586237

Wake Up? Really?

"It's a new world out there"? You mean with computers and technology? Wow. Most companies keep track of these things.

Costly lesson for me?

You are an *** and less than helpful.

I, too, have abandoned shopping at Target stores. Target has no problem taking your money, but that's where their involvement ends. Don't expect customer service from them; there is NONE at that entire retail chain.

Avoiding stores that have those practices is a simple exercise - simply avoid any store that bears the name, "Target"!!! :( :(
to Anonymous Venice, Florida, United States #586238

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who isn't shopping there anymore. Their customer service is terrible.

I never thought I would be treated better at a Walmart. What a *** return policy.

Why would anyone ever spend more than $70.00 and take a chance.


I can name a lot of stores that will not return a $90 item without a receipt. Make sure you avoid those stores as well.


What location did this happen at? Try a different target perhaps?

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