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I recently purchased 2 dvds from Target on 6-9-2011 and I work in the mountains a lot so when I found out there is something wrong with them and yes I did open them up I went back down to Target as soon as I can.I was in the store for not less than a minute when Security came and I asked whats up they said it is Store Policy from the Store Manager that when someone comes in and questions the DVD's they have to be there.

I simply stated that I came in here to get my money back which is only $40.00 for the dvd's they said no and said I had to keep the non-working dvds. They were not even going to exchange them for two new ones not even a gift card. So now I have two dvd's that don't work Customer Service number that I called said its because of the Copyright Laws. What are you talking about nobody is copying and DVD's here I just want two dvd's that work.

Now I went and purchased the same dvd's at walmart and asked about there return policy and they said two things you need a receipt and within 90 days. My receipt is only 2 weeks old. So not only did Target humilate me in front of everybody, they called Security as soon as I mentioned the DVD's, refused to exchange the dvds sold me a product that does not work. Is that how Target does business by ripping people off?

Call Security because they know they are selling broken stuff.I wonder if Universal Studios know about this or Sony DVD or dvd companies in general.

Monetary Loss: $40.


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This is why most sites have you register and create an no one can post comments under someone else's name


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I guess what bothers me is that we have become such an electronics-obsessed society, we have to have the latest gadgetry, and a cold, heartless, impersonal, greedy store calls security when you complain about a DVD.God bless America!!

Yes, they probably thought you copied the DVDs and now wanted your money back so the content would end up being free.

Why security was called, I will never understand.

*** corporate morons.

In the good old days, people were glad just to have grown enough food to feed their families.This story makes me sad.


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@Birdie: They are not Target's copyright laws. Perhaps the issue wasn't with Windows7,but with your hardware. Maybe not enough RAM on your computer or perhaps your processor isn't fast enough.


LR if your daughter works for target or any other store she must not do returns because she would know it is actually a copyright law and is generally written right under the item on the receipt.


After reading your complaint, I wanted to join this site to add that Target treated me very badly, also.I tried to return inferior cutlery I purchased that was hidden in the sealed portion of its attractive packaging.

The employees embarrased me so badly that I can personally relate to your experiences. Spread the word that Target is a large corporation that can be taken down just like many huge conglomerates have in the past. K-Mart was at one time a giant corporation, and now it hangs on by its fingertips.

Please let everyone you meet know how unfairly you were treated by these people.I know if enough of us get the word out, their cash flow will be negatively affected and they will have to start listening to the "little man' who is keeping them profitable.


My daughter works at target and that is not their policy. Don't know why your target did this.


Target should exchange them at the very least because it is a defective item, however it should not be refunded because of copyright law.


:( :( not very friendly

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