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Went to Target today, was looking for some toothpaste and couldn't find the aisle, saw this worker, a woman wearing one of the Target red tops (tightly stretched over her ***), arranging some stuff on a shelf.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where I can find toothpaste?"



She has an irritated attitude and starts telling me something in Spanish. "No ingles, no ingles!" I pretend I am brushing my teeth and repeat "toothpaste" trying to help her help me. She points to an aisle while continuing to tell me something in Spanish, becoming more irritated because I could not understand her. She eventually punishes me with a big sigh and turns her back like I was not worth her attention, continuing to fold some cardboard boxes. For a moment or two I felt like I was in a store in Mexico and was blaming myself for not having learned some basic words in Spanish so I could avoid this situation.

So, what are we doing Target? Should we all immerse in some dual language programs so we can shop in your stores?

Also, maybe you want to suggest this arrogant employee of yours that, if she already bothers learning one word in English, maybe that should be "sorry" or "excuse me", or "may i help you?" instead of "what?!?"

Extremely unprofessional!

Big disappointment!

Your stuff and prices are not competitive enough to afford having your customers being treated like this. In fact your prices became more and more ridiculous, the quality of your products in mediocre and the employees are generally rude and pompous (at least they are rude in English) and I see the new non-English speakers are picking up on rudeness quite fast. If only they picked up on being able to say three coherent words in the language of the country where they chose to come and live, that would be awesome.

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Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #840701

Companies who hire people like that have zero respect for Americans!! ZERO!


No you don't have to learn their language. Bt hey must learn ours. This the United States of America not Mexico or Central America You did nothing wrong

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